Saturday 18 April 2020

The Lake on a Sunshine Day - Plus Praise For the NHS

Lake once used in china clay production, Cornwall

Another day, another day in isolation, other than our daily walk from home. Today we passed what looks like a lake but is the remnants of Cornwall's china clay industry.

Danger, warninf sign, Cornwall

The water cannot be used for any activity such as swimming or boating as it is too dangerous.

Blue sky, water, trees, Cornwall

High on a hill is a wind turbine and a settling tank for china clay.

Wind turbine, Cornwall

We wandered back to the lanes and roads leading towards home...

Sgaded lanes in Cornwall

… passing by a country style cottage.

Country cottage, Cornwall

Narrow lanes in Cornwall

Narrow lane, Cornwall

The rushing stream became our companion once more.

Gover Stream, Cornwall

Then on an old bridge was a pebble on a bed of moss. But not a usual pebble or stone as it had been decorated in praise of UK's NHS - National Health Service.

NHS Pebble

There is a hash tag on the pebble #nhspebble. I checked this out but only a few entries so far on Twitter.

Painted NHS Pebble

I think all of us in the UK, at this time, are in admiration of the courage and kindness of the nurses, doctors and staff of the NHS. 

Many houses have rainbows, such as the one below, in their windows as a symbol of support for the NHS heroes.

Rainbow in support of NHS staff


  1. It looks like a lovely route for a walk. I think there are a lot of heroes these days and it is a good time to honor them in any way we can. Although we are having a beautiful spring day, we are well aware of the sadness and loss that surrounds us everywhere. It’s good to be outside in the sunshine whenever possible. Take care, Mike. I’m glad you are finding time to share your walks!

  2. Thanks Ann. It's a pleasant walk, we are lucky that there are a few routes we can do from home without worrying about social distancing. We still have lockdown for at least another three weeks.
    So many sad stories in the news and elsewhere but we have to stay positive. There are also lots of kindnesses and appreciation being shown to others, which is good to see.
    Looks like being a sunny day, so will spend some time pottering in the garden.
    All good wishes.



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