Friday 15 May 2020

A Previously Unexplored Puplic Footpath, Cornwall

We spotted a Public Footpath sign on the A390, something that had never registered with me previously. So the only thing to do was to explore and see where it would lead - though I did have a rough idea as I know the area quite well.

The path wasn't that appealing but we did arrive at a farmer's field with a green view. We had to walk carefully as the field had recently been seeded.

As we expected the path led us to lanes which in turn led to Polgooth, a small former mining village. It has changed a bit though, since those days and is now quite a pretty area.

Not a place to be speeding in a car as the sign warns of horses often on the roads.

And sure enough a horse and rider came clip clopping along the road,

Another warning sign: no footway.

Across the fields there are signs of the old mining industry in the area. It is claimed that mines in this area supplied Phoenician traders with tin 3000 years ago.

Times move on and today this is a pleasant residential area with holiday parks and chalets for tourists and holiday makers - (subject, of course, to the coronavirus restrictions currently in force.)

All very attractive and with a 16th century Polgooth Inn nearby.

Hawthorn flowers as we make our way back to where we came from.

Fields and stables and then we are back on the A390. All very pleasant but not what I'd call a 'proper walk'.

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