Tuesday 12 May 2020

The Big Question of My Day: What Way to Walk?

Old Milestone, Cornwall

I went for a morning roam on my own and had a choice of which way to head. The old mileage stone (above) told me it was 13 miles to Truro (though the internet states it is 14.2 miles). But, whatever, too far for me to walk before lunch. The other sign post had a few suggestions too, even though one of the arms has been broken. The two places missing are St. Dennis and Newquay.

Sign Post, Cornwall Towns & Places

I wandered along the road until I reached a new roundabout under construction. It is getting in position for a new housing estate -  see Development at Higher Trewhiddle

Road Works and Cones, Cornwall

I decided to follow a farmer's track off the road which gave me some lovely open views and not a person in sight. There were a few cows but they didn't seemed too fussed as I passed them.

Green Fields, Cornwall

Nice at times to be alone with your own thoughts.

Hedgerow Flowers, Cornwall

Back to reality though, with houses in view.

Houses, Cornwall

But spotted some bluebells on an open field.

Field of Bluebells, Cornwall

Bee with Pollen
After about an hour-and-a-half I was home again and had a quick look around the garden. 

The new ceanothus bush, in the back garden, has unexpectedly exploded with blue flowers …

Ceanothus in Cornwall

… and is full of buzzing flying insects

The apple tree is in full of blossom. This is the tree my wife grew from a pip and produced apples last year for the first time - after eight years. See my post:
Growing An Apple Tree From A Pip.

Appletree grown from a pip


  1. Some nice views and rolling hills. The coast is dramatic but these views are quite relaxing. I like the Ceanothus images, lovely blue tones & good to see the bees. I used to walk with just a dog we once had, she was very energetic and made me go at a good pace.

  2. I enjoy walking along tracks as they are quite isolated, rarely see anyone else. Though Karin and I usually walk together I'm quite happy on my own.




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