Monday 18 May 2020

The Green, Green Fields But With A Sting In The Tail

Cornwall's green countryside

Walking by the green fields of Cornwall.

I believe the cows above are Welsh Blacks, which are closely related to the now extinct Cornish Blacks.

Farm, Cornwall

The farmer was ploughing his fields, which was a treat for the seagulls as they had food virtually on tap.

Tractor ploughing field followed by seagulls.

More seagulls were waiting for their turn at the buffet.

Ploughed field, Cornwall

A reminder of the once profitable china clay industry in Cornwall. Some of the fields nearby have now become a solar energy farm.

Solar energy by china clay works, Cornwall

Wandering on some beautiful horses ...

Horses in Cornwall

… and a yellow field.

Yellow field, Cornwall

Not that the horses seem to mind what colour the fields are as, long as they are tasty.

horse, cornwall

More fields, some recently ploughed, but there is unfortunately a sting in the tail ..

Green & ploughed fields, Cornwall

… the remnants of a sign stating 'Another Green Field Set to Disappear!' So yet more local green fields will be lost for housing and even more housing.

Another green field lost sign in Cornwall

Just along the road from the sign above the Higher Trewhiddle Estate is already being built. See my post: Large New Development at Higher Trewhiddle, Cornwall Is On It's Way


  1. Beautiful green and golden fields! I am reminded of the song Jerusalem, which I think is a beautiful song. It’s always a treat to see healthy, grazing horses. I must admit that I have never seen seagulls on a farm field, but I’m not surprised since you are in a coastal area. Lovely post, as always. Take care.

  2. Hello Ann, I agree, Jerusalem is such a beautiful song. As for seagulls we sometimes get them in our garden and some are quite big. They are usually after anything we have put out for the birds. The bird song has been wonderful recently.
    We went to a beach yesterday for the first in about eight weeks. Our lockdown has been eased and we are now allowed to drive somewhere for exercise. It was lovely walking along a beach.
    Best wishes.




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