Thursday 21 May 2020

Wandering and Wondering

Flowers in Cornwall

The photo above, just because the flowers looked so great when I saw them. 

Below are valerian. I find these interesting as they seem happy to grow out of stone walls with very little soil. I have seen pink, red and white varieties all clustered together.

Valerian, Cornwall

Just to confuse things this wall loving valerian is different to the herbal plant of the same name - the one Hippocrates believed was a remedy for insomnia.

Valerian growing in wall, Cornwall

This shady path reminded me of my father, who liked to sing. One of his favourites was "In A Shady Nook, By A Babbling Brook ..." but I'll refrain from singing! Strange though what comes to mind when you walk.

Shady path, Cornwall

A pleasantish view with trees and houses.

Inland view, Cornwall

Nice rambling through the lanes. There was a vapour trail in the sky. We don't see many of them. If we do it is usually from flights to and from Newquay airport.

Of course there are various chemtrail conspiracy theories. For example, to quote from Wikipedia, "they consist of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public."

Vapour trail in Cornwall

But, getting back to the real world, we passed by these old buildings now deserted.

Abandoned cottage, Cornwall

The cottages are crying out to be converted and even have there own supply of valerian growing from one of the boundary walls.

Old cottage, Cornwall

Back home, a quiet corner in the garden. Must be time for tea!

There is a Japanese Proverb: If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.

Garden patio, Cornwall



  1. A pleasant walk with a variety of scenery & interest. Valerian is a very attractive, colourful flower but can be invasive. I had some in my garden many years ago but found it self seeded all over the place and it took me a couple of years to get rid of it.
    I loved the old deserted buildings, they are just the kind I enjoy photographing. Regarding the Japanese Proverb, I agree with it's sentiment, I'm a very big tea drinker.

    1. After you mentioning about being a big tea drinker I counted the number of cups I have in a day - 5 to 7, probably an average of 6.
      As for valerian there is a high stone wall near to us which gets completely covered with the flowers. It looks quite special.
      Hope you have a good week.

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