Wednesday 27 May 2020

Watching the Weather on a Walk Along the Beach at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

Thrift flowers on cliffs, Cornwall

Ah, blue sky and sunshine, perfect for a walk along the beach and, luckily, there were only about half a dozen other people at Carlyon Bay.

The thrift pink flowers stood proudly on the cliffs against the blueness of the sky.

Thrift flowers on Cornwall's cliffs

The weather in Cornwall can be changeable. Often you can drive along the coast and find the weather is quite different.

Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

Looking west was a mist - even though in a northly direction there was blue sky.

Sea mist, Cornwall

We walked along the beach and enjoyed the fresh sea air - and not a footprint in sight.

Beach at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

The sun did it's best to shine through the clouds.

Sun trying the shine through the clouds, Cornwall

After walking the full length of the beach we traced our footsteps, back towards the mistiness.

Carlyon Beach Cornwall

The cliffs were still standing …

Cliffs, Cornwall, Carlyon Bay

… with blue sky in the background.

Cliffs and blue sky, Cornwall

Whatever the weather, it's difficult to beat walking along a beach to lift the spirits.


  1. I am longing for a walk on a beach so these photos are a real pleasure! The vegetation looks interesting. It is amazing what can grow from a cliff with such sandy soil and so little of it.

    1. Hello Ann. Yes, it's lovely to be walking the beaches once more. Some of the popular beaches though are too busy for us to risk, so we stay well away.
      Hope you are able to get your beach walk soon.

  2. I can tell how much you enjoyed this walk and I did too. The Sea Thrift was the highlight for me and the variety of weather conditions.

    1. Thanks David, I like to see the different flowers on the cliffs, thrift is one of my favourites.



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