Saturday 30 May 2020

Pentewan Beach Cornwall and Seeing What is Sometimes Missed in Life

Pentewan Beach, Cornwall

We walked to Pentewan Beach, Cornwall and found we were the only people enjoying the freedom, other than someone collecting shells.

Some of the rocks were covered with mussels, and other limpet like shell creatures, waiting anxiously for the tide to turn.

We walked to the cliffs where we spotted a sunflower painted on the rocks. This reminded us to look more carefully at the abundance of wild flowers growing freely - which we may otherwise have missed.

Sunflower painted on a cliff

It's strange how easily we can miss all sorts of things in life. Sometimes we need a nudge to keep us focused.

Wild flowers on cliffs, Cornwall

Okay, I know the next bit is way off track to my normal posts, but I had been reading an old book from the 1930s. The author Dr. Paul Brunton wrote:

The great De Beer diamond fields of South Africa were discovered through a child picking out of the wall of an old Dutch farm a small coloured pebble - out of a wall which, for years, had been passed and re-passed many thousands of times by people blind to the treasure at their elbows ...

Wild flowers on cliffs, Pentewan, Cornwall

Wonder what we may have passed by. The author in the book went deeper though as he continued:

How many people have heard the gentle whisper of the inner self or felt its faint guidance, only to brush the visitants aside without understanding; how many have dismissed as mere thoughts the early intimations of diviner life?

Thrift flowers, Pentewan, Cornwall

Free seats at Pentewan for contemplation!

Pentewan Harbour, Cornwall

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  1. Interesting thoughts Mike, I think we photographers generally see more of things around us but will still need to appreciate and enjoy the simple things. I enjoyed these pictures, especially the sunflower.

  2. Thanks David. I read a lot of what my son calls strange books. I'm still trying to work out what life is all about, but perhaps we are not meant to know.

  3. It seems that these are times in which reflection is especially important. It is so nice to be reminded of the beauty all around us wherever we might be in the world. I find it refreshing that someone took the time to paint a sunflower at the same time I would hope that it would not start a trend of painting everywhere on everything! Lovely photos and good thought, Mike. Thanks and best wishes!

    1. Hello Ann. It's so easy to get taken over by the thought of the coronavirus and the problems it brings - but we still have so much we can appreciate - well that's what I tell myself!
      Trust all is well, take care.



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