Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Butterflies and Flowers on a Country Walk and in My Garden

Stream and trees, Cornwall

Off track there is a stream and a few rhododendrons.

Rhododendrons in woods

Once back on the lane, within the hedgerow I saw this small butterfly on an unopened fern. Not that easy to see because of the similarity of the colours.

Another view of the butterfly, showing the yellow on the inner side of the wings.

Butterfly, Cornwall

Unfortunately I'm not a lepidopterist as, on reaching home, there was another small butterfly on one of our garden chairs. I've tried to find - well had a quick look - but couldn't find these two butterflies on internet charts.

Butterflies, Cornwall

The next photo was taken from my front garden. On the opposite side of the road is a wood with various trees and also a nice display of rhododendrons.

Flowers on both sides of the road, Cornwall

A few more random garden flowers

White thrift flowers, Cornwall

Large daisies, Cornwall

Trailing Geraniums, Cornwall

That's it for today. All good wishes.


  1. A lovely post. Your first butterfly is a male Orange-tip and the second a Small Copper.

  2. Thank you Caroline for naming the butterflies. I really must get down to learning who is who! Best wishes.

  3. I like your rockery and the flowers, you have such a pleasant view from your garden too.

  4. Thanks David. We are lucky with the opposite side of the road - there is a stream as well.
    Take care.



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