Thursday 30 July 2020

A Mixture of July Cornwall Photos

Cornwall's coastal path

A mixture of Cornish photos from July starting off, above, with the wonderful coastal footpath and the sea.

Moving on quickly, though, to St. Austell, with the largest population in Cornwall. Stalls were being set up in the new style square.

St. Austell, Cornwall

A baker for Cornish pasties ...

Pasty shop, Cornwall

and men at work keeping the square clean and tidy.

Men at Work, Cornish style

I felt the next photo looked better in black and white. The steps lead up to Boots the Chemist and could do with a sweep.

Black & white photo of man smoking on steps

Back home now in my garden with a couple of passion fruit flowers - passiflora - but no fruit this year.


I think this second passiflora photo seems to have a face ... perhaps just my imagination!

Passion flower, Cornwall

On the move again to the viaduct in Gover Valley. This carries the likes of the London to Penzance, Cornwall train.

Train viaduct used by trains, Gover Valley, Cornwall

The next photo shows looking up at the viaduct from the road underneath

Stone work of a viaduct

Moving on to another viaduct, same train line, and showing how near it is to the cottages.

Viaduct and cottages, St.Austell, Cornwall

There is a small river flowing underneath the viaduct.

Small river, Cornwall

Moving on this squirrel, near the cottages, was tucking into food left out for the birds.

Squirrel, Cornwall

And suddenly a mass of seagulls flew overhead. There seemed to be hundreds of them, not sure where they were heading but they were making a heck of a lot of noise.

Seagulls in the sky, Cornwall

Moving back to the coast now at Polkerris.

Polkerris harbour and sand, Cornwall

And a couple of small boats in Charlestown Harbour.

Small boats in Charlestown, Cornwall

Finally back to my garden where one of the big dahlias was opening up and ...

Large Dahlia open up

... another dahlia had opened fully.

Large dahlia in full bloom

Many thanks for the visit.


  1. A varied and interesting set of pictures Mike. Good to see retail traders getting back to work and your Passion flowers are lovely.
    The crowds of gulls could be doing the same as we see over our neighbourhood. On hot days in July & August the ants take to the wing in their thousands and congregate high up in the sky. We know when this occurs as the gulls quickly arrive to feast on them.

  2. Hello David. Interesting what you say about the gulls. We occasionally see them en masse in farm fields when the ground is being turned over by tractors.



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