Sunday 2 August 2020

The Magical Hag Stone

Hag Stone

Nope, it's not some sort of ancient dinosaur it's just a stone with a hole.

Hag Stone

Much to my wife's despair I tend to collect stones and shells and odd bits from our walks. Many end up on the windowsill of the room I call my office.

"Ah", I said, when I showed her my latest stone, "but this one is a Hag Stone." She still wasn't impressed. But, as I'd only just learned what a Hag Stone was, I wasn't totally surprised.

It seems that a Hag Stone is any stone that has a natural hole. It's said that if you look through the hole you can often see the little people and the land of the fairies, piskeys, pixies. So who wouldn't want one of these stones!

Hag Stone

It is said that the stones can also be used magically for the healing of many ailments and there's still more. They can also be used to protect against witches and to ward off any unwanted spirits of the dead.

Hag Stone

A touch of magic is always useful!

As for the rusty nail below and in other photos, this was part, a very small part of course, of an ancient harbour. My wife was delighted when I brought home this treasure ...

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  1. I love your new treasure and all of your collection! I share your habit of picking up bits and pieces. I usually put them in bowls or jars. This morning on our trail walk I found a sparkly rock that seemed very out of place. Anyway, we have been watching the series Time Team on YouTube and the archeologists are always finding interesting remnants of British history. Enjoy your new find!

  2. Hello Ann. That's just a part of my 'collection'. Plus I also have some large stones on my garden wall - 30 or 40 I would guess. One of them is a large black tourmaline stone and it is mind boggling to think this is millions of years old.
    Best wishes.
    I must get a bowl for the smaller finds.

  3. In all my years of beach walking I've never managed to find one! I've always found the gray rocks with the white ring around them and tons (according to my family, lol) of agates. Especially carnelians in various shades, a possible piece of jade, and a chunk of rock covered in miniscule garnets. Yeah, I kind of have a "rock thing". I blame it on my folks, though. My dad wanted to study geology but could only be a hobbyist, and mom picked a big one up every place we visited on vacations.

    1. Hello, many thanks for your interesting comment. I can't resist stones, pebbles and so on as I walk along the sea shore - or anywhere else for that matter.
      Happy findings,



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