Saturday, 25 July 2020

A Visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan - 15 Photos

Corn Marigolds at Lost Gardens of Heligan

We decided to visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan to see how they had coped with the coronavirus. 

At the time of writing it is necessary to book a timed visit, on their website, in advance. It all worked okay and we found there was plenty of room to walk without bumping into anyone - so felt safe while at the gardens.

To be truthful, the gardens weren't up to their usual high standard, not an abundance of flowers as usual, but I feel sure they will soon be back on track now that they are open once more. Everything is neat and tidy.

Lost Gardens of Heligan

We walked our normal route - an archway of apples.

Archway of apple trees at Lost Gardens of Heligan

And, of course, apples - of various varieties.

Apples at Lost Gardens of Heligan

A few veg.

Vegetables at Lost Gardens of Heligan

Corn in front of the greenhouse.

Greenhouses at Lost Gardens of Heligan

I love some of the old walls where the brickwork is so weathered.

Ancient Walls at Lost Gardens of Heligan

We walked into the Sundial Garden.

Sundial Garden at Lost Gardens of heligan

A few flowers

Flowers at Lost Gardens of Heligans

Lost Gardens of Heligan flowers

A pleasant seat and ...

Seat at garden at Lost Gardens of Heligan

... of course, a sundial.

Sundial at Lost Gardens of Heligan

Looking back down the Sundial Garden. 

Sun Dial Garden at Lost Gardens of Heligan

I forgot to mention the Thunder Box Room, which is considered to be a 'Living Memorial'. Yes, it's an old fashioned toilet but, as the gardens were being discovered, the names of some of the gardeners from August, 1914 were found written on the wall.

Thunder Box Room at Lost Gardens of Heligan

By the Thunder Box Room there is also a metal helmet on a wall from World War 1. One of the interesting things about Heligan is its history.

World War 2 Helmet Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

I have only scratched the surface of the Lost Gardens of Heligan on today's post. Please also see some of my many other posts on Heligan, try, for example:

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Or enter Heligan in the search box towards the top of this blog on the right.

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  1. Lovely garden, maybe not so many flowers but lots to see and emjoy. Even the thunderbox!

    1. A little disappointing as there aren't as many flowers as usual but nice that it is open again. We were at the gardens first thing so we encountered very few people.

  2. So glad you could make a return visit to this lovely site. And of course thanks for the lovely tour. I think the history of the gardens is very interesting and inspiring as well. I always think of George Washington’s Mt. Vernon and the restoration of the gardens as an important way to learn about that early time period here.

    1. Thanks Ann, the gardens are special and I haven't included many of its attractions such as the jungle, the lost valley and so on. In tomorrow's post I have photos of a Heligan meadow of wild flowers. Good to be back visiting various places - but taking care, of course.

  3. A lovely selection, Mike, particularly since we had been hoping to revisit Heligan this summer, and have had to postpone. I'm glad you found you could walk around in comfort. What beautiful blue skies, too!

  4. Hello Caroline. The system of having to book a visit, at an agreed time, seemed to work. We didn't feel worried, as I would in some of the popular villages.
    We have local's passes, and for Eden, so prior to the coronavirus we often popped in to see what was on show.
    Good wishes.



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