Wednesday 22 July 2020

Charlestown Harbour, Port and Sailing Ships - Plus Prostitutes in the 1700s and1800s

Charlestown Harbour

Okay, I know there has been a recent post on Charlestown but these are all different photos from a separate visit. As you can see the sky was blue.

How lucky is the owner of the house below, it overlooks the sea and also the harbour.

Charlestown cottage

The small beach looked tempting but ...

Beach at Charlestown, Cornwall

... there weren't many people enjoying the sea.

Boarding on the sea at Charlestown

It was, however, quite busy on one of the harbour walls next to the beach.

Harbour Wall, Charlestown, Cornwall

A few tall ships in Charlestown Port, always interesting to see.

Tall Sailing Ships at Charlestown, Cornwall

Another sailing ship. Note the chute to the left of the photo. This would have once been used to load ships with local china clay.

Charlestown, Cornwall, Port and Sailing Ships

The small boat below was initially used in the Hornblower television series. It has been used in other TV shows and films including Poldark, Taboo and Ammonite.

The vessel is an example of an 18th century boat used for carrying goods and people to shore.

18th Century boat, Charlestown, Cornwall

Looking across the fields and houses.

Houses, Green Fields at Charlestown, Cornwall

Finally Eleven Doors. I think you can probably guess from how it got its name. Yes, there were eleven doors but there is also something else for which it was well known: prostitution! 

Not nowadays, of course, Heaven forbid, but in times of old (early 1700s to mid 1800s). 

At the time Charlestown was famed for its smuggling by 'free traders'. The prostitutes would await for custom by the Eleven Doors.

Eleven Doors at Charlestown, Cornwall and Prostitution

And on that note, that's all for today. Thank you for your visit.


  1. No need for apologies Mike, I'll never tire of views at Charlestown and the tall ships. Great set of pictures & an interesting tale at the end too! 😯

    1. Thank you David. Like you, I never get tired of Charlestown - though it can get busy with visitors in the summer months. Hope all is well, take care.

  2. When I saw the post title, I thought to myself, Oh good! I too enjoy seeing photos of Charlestown and hearing the stories. The view from that house must be wonderful and I’m sure it is a house that is often photographed as well. Does that sign mean that you are not allowed to walk past the Eleven Doors area?

  3. Hello Ann. Unfortunately. officially, there isn't any access along Eleven Doors for pedestrians - though I have been along there many times. At the end of the road / lane there is a large, impressive Georgian house.

  4. Nice pics & points Mike.
    (Long time since we last met, & worked together in Hayes office before that. My email is Could catch up via email?)....




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