Sunday, 19 July 2020

Cornwall Random Photos

A few odd photos today. Starting off above with a bottle of Cornish Korev lager and a cheese platter!

The lager was from my son and the platter is something meaningful to me.

When my mother was 83 she decided to do a pottery course at night school. The cheese platter is one of the items she made. 

Cornish Fudge

Mum decorated it in a meaningful way to her and, I guess, to me. According to her version of events Bambi was the first film I ever saw at a cinema. Seemingly I cried so much when Bambi's mother died that the usherette told my mother that we would have to leave if I didn't stop my tears!

Moving on, the photo below, with many reflections, was a snap  through the kitchen window from outside. Reminded me that I must get my hair cut!

I did say they were odd photos and the one below is a pattern on one of our our kitchen walls - as seen in the photo above.

Goodness knows how the next photo was taken. I must have touched the camera screen accidently or something. It's part of our house and part of me!

Anyway, this is how the back of our house should look.

And a few random garden plants and flowers.

I caught this duo on a local roof while on an early morning walk. We get quite a few gulls locally - some quite big - when they decide to take a trip inland.

And finally a couple more Cornwall products I received back on Father's Day - plus the fudge and a few Korev lagers as seen in other photos.

That's it for today, thanks for the visit. Best wishes.


  1. I remember going to see Bambi and it was my mum who cried. An eclectic set of pics, nice to see a bit of your garden.

    1. Thanks David. I've always been a softie when it comes to animals!

  2. I’ve enjoyed all of these pictures, Mike, and the bold red tile and wall patterns are really wonderful! Your mother did a really nice job on the platter. That’s a special keepsake indeed. I could not watch all of Bambi, and probably won’t. It’s not a good time to watch a heartbreaker! My first complete movie was Dumbo.😊

    1. Dumbo! Some things stick in our memories. As for my mother, when she was 83 she also went to the USA for the first, and only, time. Always reminds me that time is precious and should be filled wisely.



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