Friday 25 February 2022

Walking to Hallane Cove, Cornwall and its Waterfall

We had envisaged a walk along the Cornish coastal path, but it looked so very muddy after all of the recent rain. Instead we headed for Hallane Cove - photo as above.

Our route first went through the hamlet of Trenarren and its quaint cottages. Note the red Royal Mail post box and the five mph speed limit signs on the corner of the first cottage.

A white cat was observing passers by, though he didn't move about very much.

A pleasant property all neat and tidy.

Then there is an uphill path to follow.

Of course what goes up usually also goes down.

We carried along the path until we reached our destination of Hallane Cove. Note the waterfall spilling into the incoming tide.

The beach is somewhat stoney but had the attraction of being quiet and peaceful. We hadn't seen anyone else on our walk.

A different photo of the waterfall, must be fun on a sunshine day.

And here's another pic of the beach.

To leave the cove there are a few steps to navigate.

There is also a wooden seat to enjoy the views. 

Spotted some snowdrops on our return journey.

Back at Trenarren hamlet a few early flowers as the road starts to rise.

Two similar cottages on our return journey.

A pleasant easy walk. I guess the only problem can be finding somewhere to park a car. Just outside of the hamlet there is parking for about seven or eight cars.

The road  leading to the parking spot is very narrow in places. It's best to have your fingers crossed so that you avoid meeting a car travelling the opposite way - well it sometimes works

Finally, to end today's post, a reminder of the storms we had last week in Cornwall. Nearby to where I live a tree fell and took with it the electric power lines - so it was back to using candles! A few photos.

That's it for this week. All good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. This walk is very varied and I liked seeing the stone cottages, very similar to those in the Lake District. The cat looks as though it's stalking something.
    The strong winds have died down somewhat here, I actually got out with camera yesterday. Have a good week Mike. 😊

    1. Hello David. It's quite a lovely day here with blue sky and sunshine, though it remains quite chilly. Glad to read that you have been out with your camera, looking forward to seeing the photos. Have a good weekend.

  2. So glad you have weathered the storm and sorry about the lost tree. Being without power always reminds me of how reliant we are on so many things in our homes! These delightful photos make me want to travel. It all looks rather peaceful after such violent weather. It is good to see signs of spring. It is barely 10 degrees f here. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks Ann. It does strike home our dependancy of electricity when the source disappears. Luckily we have a gas hob on our cooker so were able to make simple meals. We've really missed travelling over the Covid period. Now, though, all restrictions have disappeared here, so might be able to get away somewhere interesting. All good wishes.

  3. That cat has very piercing blue eyes Mike! Hallane Cove looks like a real hidden gem. Lovely pictures as always. Talking of narrow Cornish lanes and no cross points, I have to hold my breath when driving sometimes :0 There's an especially narrow one between Port Navas and Constantine. Hope all is well with you this week x

    1. Hello Lulu. I guess we get used to the narrow lanes in Cornwall, though I never enjoy driving along them. Guess though, that at the present time there are other things worldwide to worry about. But we have pancakes to look forward to tonight!

  4. What a wonderful walk, Mike. Not a place I know at all - and what a thoughtful bench (if you see what I mean!). I expect you past A.L. Rowse's house ... I much enjoy some of his poetry.

  5. Thanks Caroline, it was a pleasant walk, so peaceful. The quote on the seat does seem relevant to today's worldwide problems. Trust all is well, all good wishes.

  6. I did so enjoy your walk, Mike. Sometimes I miss England terribly and it's photos like yours and David Bennet's that get me hankering. These were just lovely. I'm sorry about the damage, though. We, too, have suffered from the storms here.

    1. Hello, thanks. Often we seem to remember places we have lived in the past with positive memories. The storms were quite bad for a while but it made me appreciate electric, gas and so on - things we often take for granted. Hope you are having a good week, good wishes.




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