Tuesday, 7 July 2020

The Flowers and Attractions of St.Austell Town Plus More Flowers

After some lovely weather, there was a change in the air as we went off on a walk. I noticed the flower in the photo above at the side of the road. On returning the plant was quite wet (below). So we decided to walk into St.Austell town.

It was still drizzling so not many people about. Even the pasty shop was empty!

The town's flower displays were damp too.

But a large mural was shining bright ...

… and the fish seemed happy enough in the rain.

Another flower display...

… and part of a large section of artwork featuring people through the ages associated with the town.

Eventually we arrived home and noticed the first dahlia were now flowering (2nd July).

Other flowers were doing as they ought this time of year ...

… and another dahlia had burst into flower - maybe not exactly burst, but there was one pompom on display.

A few more flowers …

Finally a neighbours garden with his palm trees - they grow okay in Cornwall because of the mild climate.


  1. Lovely flowers as expected, and I liked seeing the artwork too.

    1. Thanks David. We have a few more dahlia out now - as long as the rain doesn't spoil them.

  2. I’ve always thought the dahlias had the most perfect blossoms, never a petal out of place and I guess you’ve now proved it. They are beautiful! I’m grateful for colorful flowers and happy to see such a great variety here! Fun murals as well, and it seems to have been a happy day. That’s good!

    1. Hello Ann, thank you. We have several different dahlias in flower at the moment. Unfortunately there has been lots of rain over the last few days which has spoilt a few of the blooms - it's raining at the moment!
      All good wishes.



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