Friday, 10 July 2020

Menacuddle Chapel and Holy Well, Cornwall

We popped into the Holy Well and Chapel at Menacuddle, near St.Austell. The last time we were here was one year ago - how time flies!

Not a lot has changed. I won't go into the history of the chapel and well again, as I covered this on my previous post: The Secretive Menacuddle Holy Well and Chapel, Cornwall

The waterfall and river isn't so white on this visit. It is often coloured by china clay deposits in the area. Locally, therefore, it is known as the White River.

A few duotone photos of chapel and area.

Inside the small chapel, it appears clearer and cleaner than a year ago when it was filled with candles and various mementos.  I thought they gave the chapel more character and even a more holy feeling. Of course it is often said that Cleanliness is next to Godliness - so what do I know. Those words are from a 1778 sermon in 1778 by John Wesley.

All shipshape on the outside.

We wandered round the grounds as I couldn't think of any more suitable quotes! Lots of green, green grass … and a pond of sorts.

Some fine trees by the river.

A final look at the waterfall prior to moving on.

Always a pleasure to visit the chapel and, again, we were on our own while there.


  1. That looks like a lovely river and the chapel is beautiful

  2. Many thanks, an interesting place to visit and usually there aren't many other people about. We didn't see anyone on this visit.
    Good wishes.

  3. What a fascinating place to visit, Mike, and not a corner I know. We were at St Clether about this time last year, a first visit for me though members of the wider family knew it well. We also revisited the Prophet's Chamber in the 'Wesley Cottage' at Trewint, and were treated to morning coffee and biscuits!

    1. Hello Caroline, so many places to visit on Cornwall. I have to admit though, I have never been to 'Wesley Cottage'- must put that on my list - thanks.

  4. I think you have a great set of calendar pages here, Mike! All the photos are delightful and the composition of the third one is especially enchanting. Well done! Glad you are able to be out and about. It is beastly hot and humid here, but a shaded walk is always good. Take care!

    1. Hello Ann, thank you. It's pleasant at Menacuddle as very few people visit the chapel - we didn't see anyone else while there. We have had some lovely days weather-wise but it's rainy and dull at the moment. Cornwall is getting much busier now that travel restrictions have been lifted. Just hope the government know what they are doing. All good wishes.



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