Monday, 13 July 2020

Polkerris, Cornwall the Fortified Harbour with an Inn on the Beach

Looking down on Polkerris Harbour

A bit of a dull day but we thought we'd have a look around Polkerris, a cove on Cornwall's south coast, as we hadn't visited there this year.

It was once known as Pollkerys, which may have been from the old Cornish word Porth meaning a harbour of haven. The kerris bit is from another Cornish word meaning to fortify or enclose - so it's a fortified harbour - well, was once upon a time.

Rashleigh Inn, Polkerris

To reach the harbour and beach you pass the Rashleigh Inn.

Many years back we often came here, with friends, for a meal or a drink. On a Friday night there would be singing of some of the old traditional Cornish songs, always enjoyable - but life moves on, children and other things.

Polkerris harbour wall

That's the harbour wall in the photo below.

Polkerris Harbour with boats

The harbour was created in the 18th century. I love old walls, rocks and stones - that's why there are a couple of photos of the harbour wall. Imagine all those who have walked along them in the 1700s. What stories they could tell us.

Harbour Wall, Polkerris

Polkerris Old Harbour Wall

Oh, and a third photo of part of the wall with a canon embedded . There are several of these, they are thought to be from the Napoleonic era. So, once upon a time, this was truly a fortified harbour as described previously.

Cannons on Polkerris Harbour Wall

A section of the cliffs behind the harbour wall.

Cliffs by Polkerris, Cornwall

Moving on, just a few boats in the harbour - the tide was retreating while on our visit.

Polkerris Harbour

Looking across to the Rashleigh Inn and other food outlets

Polkerris Harbour and boats

A few boats, perhaps waiting for the tide to turn.

Boats in Polkerris Harbour

Some people like to hide away on the small beach whereas ...

Hidden on Polkerris Beach

… others seem to congregate at the front of the Inn.

Rashleigh Inn, Polkerris, Cornwall

The Rashleigh Inn has an outside terrace with seats, perfect on a summer's evening.

Polkerris Inn Terrace

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