Sunday 23 August 2020

How Boscastle Harbour Today Compares With 1870

I came across the 1870 photo below of Boscastle harbour and it struck me how little it has changed. It remains very much the same today.

The photo above is a recent picture I snapped of Boscastle. There is the same lion like cliff guarding the entrance to the harbour. The harbour wall, built in 1584, remains virtually in it's original condition.
The natural inlet was the only place a harbour could be considered along the forty miles plus of rugged cliffs.

All is quiet in the harbour nowadays but 100 years ago it would have been heaving with activity.  Entrance into the harbour is difficult and dangerous. In days gone by the old sailing ships had to be towed into the inlet. This was done with the help of hobbler boats, which were powered by eight oarsmen.

Today Boscastle is a busy tourist attraction and the boats to be seen are fishing boats and pleasure craft. 

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