Saturday 26 September 2020

Walking to Chapel Point and Colona Beach Cornwall

Today's post, sort of follows on from my previous post. The photos above and below show one of my favourite houses, somewhere I would love to live but, unfortunately, I'm a few million short at the moment!

Chapel Point house is high on a headland, and is near the coastal path mentioned in my last two posts.

Below the house is a small cove and Colona beach. It's often described as a private beach, but is quite accessible to the public.

On our walk, along the coastal path, we tarried here awhile to devour our packed lunch.

I snapped a few photos.

It was quite a windy day so the waves crashed a little as they reached the beach.

Lots of rockpools to investigate.

As can be seen there are a set of steps leading down to the beach from Chapel Point House.

Colona Beach is backed by sandy cliffs.

I nearly missed the bird as he blended in so well with the cliffs.

From the coastal path it can be seen that Chapel House is actually a cluster of several buildings. These were designed by the arts and crafts designer John Campbell in 1936.

The property is now Grade II listed.

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  1. The house certainly commands a great view and, like you, I'd love to live there. Super pictures Mike.

  2. The house was up for sale a while back and the details are still on the internet ( Quite a special house. Thanks David.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello, yes an idyllic place to live especially in the summer.
      All good wishes ~ Mike.




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