Tuesday 29 September 2020

A Choice of Walks in Looe, Cornwall

A quick post today. Looe has some lovely walks other than walking through the town or alongside the river.

Three such walks start in the Millpool car park, where most visitors usually park their cars.

The car park is next to the river, so has some lovely views taking in Kilminorth Woods. 

One of the walks includes a visit to the Giants Hedge, believed to be a 6th century earthwork. Probably built for defence purposes.

All of the walks begin at the far end of Millpool car park where there is a large wooden gate and a map / information board. There are a choice of three colour coded walks. The photo below is where the walks start out.

So everything is nice and easy and you shouldn't get lost! But, of course, there is a snag: you have to pay a car parking fee. On my last visit the charges were as follows.

~ Up to 1 hour - £0.70
~ 1 to 2 hours - £2.30
~ 2 to 3 hours - £3.60
~ 3 to 4 hours - £4.70
~ 24 hours - £5.70

Also see my recent post on Looe itself:

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  1. It looks as if the car park is centralized making it easy to access both the town and the paths. So often it seems here that there is an unpleasant hike from parking locations to the more secluded paths. Definitely too many cars in most places! You had another lovely day. Sometime you must share some hazy, misty, grey days just for fun!

    1. There are definitely too many cars nowadays. Cornwall seems to be having an extended tourist season - thanks to the virus.
      As for grey days, we get many of them but I watch the weather forecasts - if the weather is okay we go out whatever the day of the week. We were out yesterday (Tuesday)as we knew the rest of the week was rain, rain, rain and greyness.
      Will think about doing a grey day post though - thanks Ann.



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