Thursday 17 September 2020

The Quaint Fishing Port of Looe, Cornwall - 14 Photos


We were in the popular fishing port of Looe (12-Sep-20) for the first time since the coronavirus took hold of our lives.

The bridge separates the town into West and East. We headed across the bridge into East Looe but stayed away from the main shopping street - as it was packed with people. 

Though a fishing port tourism has taken over as the main business.

We walked alongside the river. This is the view looking across the river to West Looe.

The sun was shining and everything looked at its best.

River and fishing trips were on offer.

The weather gradually clouded over when we reached the Old Lifeboat Station.

Opposite is Looe beach. People seemed to be well spaced out.

We continued walking to the far end of the beach.

Looking at the beach and West Looe.

We retraced our steps. By then there were quite a few people wandering by the river.

We continued walking until back at the bridge. 

Many people were still heading towards the town.

Two more photos from the bridge. This is looking south at the River Looe.

And the view of the river looking north.

I mentioned at the beginning of the post how we avoided all of the people in the main shopping area. Below is a photo I snapped in the month of October. As you can see the road is very narrow, so it's easy to imagine how packed this can get when there are lots of tourists in the summer months. There's not much room for social distancing.
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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this set Mike. Super photo's, boats & water always wins for me. 😁

    1. Thanks David. More people than we expected, but we managed social distancing okay. Looe always seems to attract many tourists, have to get up early though to see the fishing boats returning.

  2. It looks as though you had a lovely walk, Mike, though there are a lot of people considering the schools are back (for now)...

    1. Thanks Caroline, the tourist villages are still busy, which is good for the local economy.

  3. Definitely some of your best photos, Mike, sharp and colorful, and the reflections are great. It looks like you had a perfect day. I think a harbor town is always interesting and I can imagine the crowds during normal tourist seasons. Stay safe as always!

  4. Hello, thank you Ann. We manage to get out and about whenever possible. Walked along the coastal path yesterday and there was hardly anyone about - which was perfect. Stay safe too, Ann.




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