Sunday 20 September 2020

Portmellon, Cornwall - a Sandy Cove When the Tide is Out

We were heading off for a walk along Cornwall's coastal path and stopped off at Portmellon to park our car in a side road. We have friends who live nearby, so know of a parking spot. I snapped a few quick photos.

Portmellon is only about a mile from Mevagissey, but the road can be a bit hairy as it is so narrow. There is a detour, but this adds miles to the journey.

Opposite the small beach is the Rising Sun pub with locally sourced food.

The beach is sandy but there is a snag: it disappears at high tide with the sea almost lapping the road. 

The beach does have it's own slipway.

There are some very pleasant - and very expensive - houses overlooking the beach. Some of the old houses fortunately remain.

I mentioned that the sea almost laps the narrow road. At times though, it very much overlaps the road as can be seen by the following two photos. I snapped these a while back, when the weather was a bit rough - to say the least!

Houses along the road have flood gates and similar defences for when the water spills across the road, sometimes causing local flooding.

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  1. Very nice place, you get some great weather down there but, as your pictures illustrate, some rough weather too.

    1. Hello David. Cornwall definitely looks at its best when the sun shines - and so does the sea. We enjoyed our walk.

  2. I spent some great holidays there as a child over 40 years ago. I remember standing at the back of the house at Portmellon we had rented on the front when the waves shot over the house and I was soaked. Great fun as a child. I don’t remember the pub at Portmellon but I do remember the ice cream shop which was a daily visit. I used to walk into Mevvy every day, ate fish and chips at the Wheelhouse. Such great fun.

    1. Lovely to hear your experiences. I have a friend who lives in Portmellon and he gets sand into his garden when the winds blow. I don't suppose Mevagissey has changed much over the years since you visited. Glad the post brought back some memories for you. Good wishes.



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