Friday 2 October 2020

A Return to Charlestown Harbour and the Old Sailing Ships

We hadn't been to Charlestown since July because of the coronavirus but, on a chilly day, with only a few people about, we decided to see if any old sailing ships where in dock.

Looking over the wall, behind the building above, all looked very bright and inviting.
Usually there are lots of people walking the harbour walls but all was quiet.

Yes, there were old sailing ships in dock - though the weather was on the change.

A side view of the same sailing ship, with some of the harbour cottages looking down.

The photo below is looking upwards to the top of the main mast. A platform is often seen on such ships, way above the deck. It was known as 'The Fighting Top'.

The Fighting Top was an enlarged top, sometimes with swivel guns designed to fire down on the deck of an enemy ship. They could also be manned by snipers with muskets or rifles.
But all was peaceful while we were there and the canons were quiet.

Another view of one of the tall ships.

The morning was definitely getting colder. One family was crossing the narrow bridge homeward bound.

Looking over at the stony beach again a couple looked decidedly chilly but, good gracious, one hardy woman was having a swim! You can just see her head at the bottom of the photo. I preferred to have a cup of tea!

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  1. What a beautiful little building in the top photo, Mike. Good to see Charlestown in its autumn glory. It's grey, cold and wet here in 'sunny Suffolk' right now!

    1. Hello Caroline, thank you. Rain, grey and windy here in Sunny Cornwall! Had a breezy walk this morning but will stay indoors for the rest of the day.

  2. I'm pleased to see you visiting Charlestown again. I enjoy all the places you go but this is a favourite. The boats are really impressive

    1. Thanks David, at last there does seem to be less people about, though this may be because of the wind and rain! Charlestown is always a favourite with us, especially when there are a few ships in dock.

  3. I have always loved your posts featuring any harbor, and especially Charlestown. Always so great to see the sailing vessels. That little building is quite interesting, delightful with the rugged stone. It is still like summer here, so it’s good to be outside as much as possible. Enjoy your autumn days. The swimmer must be very hardy indeed!

  4. Hello Ann, Charlestown is a special place for us, we always enjoy just walking and looking around the harbour. The weather hasn't been too good here recently, lots of rain and strong winds. There has been a worrying coronavirus spike in England but fortunately the Cornwall figures are some of the lowest in the country. Stay safe.




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