Tuesday 6 October 2020

A Dozen Photos of South Cornwall Near St. Austell Bay

A dozen mixed photos taken when I was out and about. Must have been up early to catch the misty view of Gribbin Head above - can just make out the Gribbin Tower.

And below a couple of horses pleaded to have their photo taken, so I couldn't refuse. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.

Looking down from the foot bridge over the railway lines at St. Austell. The church always dominates the town.

Here we are now, under a viaduct, looking at the river.

More water and for some inexplicable reason it made me think of the biggest high quality gold nugget ever found which weighed more than 150 lb. No, it wasn't found in Cornwall but was discovered by two Cornish men, John Deason and Richard Oates in 1869. They found it when prospecting near Moliagul in Australia. The men sold it for £9,532. According to an Internet calculator this would be 793263.07 in today's money! 
A terrace of old cottages ...

... and a few more overlooking the countryside.
A small cul de sac and in the distance the only high rise block of flats in Cornwall.

If in Cornwall the sea is never too far away - a bollard for boats, not that there were any about, but I remember it had rained quite heavily thus the puddle.

A sea wall built of local stone ...

... and someone walking on the wall.

The glistening sea at the end of another busy day.


  1. A very varied mix of pictures Mike, you live in an area with great scope. 😀

    1. Thanks David, plenty of variety within easy reach - just need a little sunshine though. Has been quite rough what with rain and wind. Hopefully it will improve next week. Good wishes.




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