Saturday 10 October 2020

Walking to Malpas, Cornwall Alongside the River

We decided on a shortish walk starting at Boscawen Park, Truro - where there is free car parking. From here there are views of the cathedral, though it looks better when the tide is high.

From here we walked alongside the Truro River. The park's playing fields and the trees are all very pleasant.

The river is quite muddy when the tide is out.

So, a muddy view follows. I read that the mudflats are feeding grounds for wildfowl and wading birds as well as fish species including European sea bassthicklip grey mulletEuropean flounder and European eel

The sun popped out brightly as we reached the aptly named Sunny Corner.

Several small boats on parade - real stick in the muds though!

The Flower Pot Family welcomed us with a smile.

It was then time to climb some steps onto a footpath, which led through the woods.

The path took us to Malpas Village. The only problem on the path was that the tall trees hid the views of the river.

Perhaps we hadn't missed much as the river was still very muddy. 

At Malpas the river becomes the Tresillian River, which later flows into the River Fal.

There are some pleasant houses in the village overlooking the river.

A few small boats visible now.

The river widens as it makes it's way between the tree laden banks.

Bits and pieces  to enjoy on the river.

For a moment the river sparkled in the sun, all looked so peaceful.

This photo just because I like Porshe cars!

We started to retrace our steps ...

... passing the Heron Inn

In normal pre-virus days we would probably have had a drink here - but times have changed. We found somewhere overlooking the river to sit and devour our packed lunch - and a flask of tea (of course!)

We wandered back and soon found ourselves  at Sunny Corner once more. There's a veranda here with seats, so we sat for a while - as there was no one else about.

We then made our way back to Boscawen Park.

The park usually has some impressive flower beds but this year they have been sowed with wild flowers - beginning to fade now though.

The cricket pitch looked well cared for - with the score board in position.

It was then just a short walk back to our car.

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  1. Mud, mud, glorious mud! I much prefer low tide for views of harbours and creeks, more interesting. Your boats pictures are great & I liked seeing the wild flower meadow. Porches are nice but, if I had the choice (and a lot of mkney), I'd love a Ferrari. But it would have to be a red one.
    Great set of photo's Mike.

  2. Thanks David. I guess I could make do with a red Ferrari if I had to! It was a pleasant walk but we didn't see as many birds on the mud flats as usual. When the tide is high there are boat rides from Truro to Falmouth along the river - can be very relaxing and some lovely views.




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