Thursday 2 May 2019

The Boscawen Park, Truro

Truro Cathedral from the River Truro, Cornwall

When we visit Truro we occasionally have a packed-lunch at Boscawen Park, overlooking the Truro River. In the distance is Truro Cathedral, as can be seen in the photo above. 

There is usually something interesting to see depending on the time of year and the weather.

On our last visit the tide was out so lots of birds about looking for juicy morsels.

Birds on the Truro River, Cornwall

We tend to walk a lap of the park and sometimes continue to Malpas. The boat below has been stranded in the mud for ages and is gradually deteriorating. 

An abandoned boat on the Truro River, Cornwall

Much of the main park is dedicated to children with climbing games, trails, swings, slides and so on. We were there at half term, so lots of children everywhere. I didn't, therefore, snap any photos of the kids facilities. 

We walked alongside the Truro River, which has some industry including the sorting of scrap metal. When the tide is in boats are able to pick up the sorted metal.

Scrap metal depot on the Truro River, Cornwall

The park has a cricket pitch and three football (soccer) pitches plus eight tennis courts.

Boscawen Park, cricket pitch, Cornwall

A roller was out to ensure a perfect cricket pitch.

Rolling the cricket pitch, Truro, Cornwall

The park has a myriad of flowers, in many beds, all well looked after.

Walking further alongside the river there are various small boats. All in all a pleasant place for a stroll, with lots to do for children. There is also a cafe and toilets.

It's not somewhere to go for a serious walk but it's a nice place to munch on a pasty and have a break before travelling on.

Boats on the Truro River, Cornwall


  1. The park has a lot to offer visitors with very varied things to see. Inevitably, I enjoyed the boat pictures, lovely images Mike.

    1. Thanks David. The park gets very busy in the summer as has lots of amusements for children. Also nice to wander along the riverside.

  2. I really like posts like this as they show the varying views of an area. Truro is one town commonly mentioned in the Poldark series as I'm sure you know. I am curious about the old boat and wonder about its history. By now it is probably a town icon. Delightful post, as always, Mike!

    1. Hello Ann. A bit slow replying as we have been away for the week - taking more photos! As for the boat, I don't know its history. It's simply there rotting away. I must take a few photos of Truro when next there.

  3. Wonderful walk along the riverbank with you (in spirit anyway!) thank you

    1. Thanks for your company Christine! I expect you are getting busy now. Best wishes.




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