Tuesday 30 April 2019

The Attractive Perhaver Beach Near Gorran Haven

Little Perhaver Beach, Gorran Haven, Cornwall

Little Perhaver Beach is just along the road from Gorran Haven and has it's own distinct flavour. Surrounded by high cliffs there are steps to go down to the beach, some quite steep, so not a beach for everyone.

Little Perhaver Beach, Gorran Haven Cornwall

There were beautiful cloud formations, but these soon turned grey and finally down came the rain! We climbed the steps up the cliffs to find some shelter.

Rain clouds over Little Perhaver Beach Cornwall

The rain soon passed, though it was quite a downpour, and the sea seemed to change colour, as seen below.

This is an attractive area with Gorran Haven and Bow (sometimes called Vault) Beaches nearby.

Pebbles and stones on Little Perhaver Beach, Cornwall

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  1. Quite a variation in each of these beaches but each one is attractive in it's own way. Lovely photo's again Mike.

    1. Many thanks David. I'm always happy on a beach - we have visited a few over the last week - just got back from a week away.



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