Thursday 11 June 2020

Walking to Black Head, Cornwall - With Magnificent Views of Coastline

We tried to think of somewhere we hadn't walked for quite a while and we decided a visit to Black Head would be our destination

We parked at Trenarren, there are about eight parking spots. Luckily there were only two other cars parked. 

Driving to Trenarren is fun as the lane / road is quite narrow and at times there is only room for one car. Fortunately there are a few passing points, so have to keep fingers crossed and hope you are near a passing point if a car comes in the opposite direction.

The mound of the Black Head Headland can be seen in the photo below.

Black Head is just over 150 feet high and was once the site of an ancient fort. There are also the remnants of a rifle range built in the 1880s.

 Somehow, as we were going from memory, we took a wrong path - but as it was a pleasant day it didn't really matter.

Close to the path leading to the headland there is a monument to Arthur Leslie Rowse (1903-1997) a writer, poet and historian.

He was the son of an uneducated china clay worker and was the first Cornishman to win a university scholarship, reading English at Christchurch College, Oxford. 

At last on Black Head - to the west can be seen the cliffs …

...and in the distance the beach at Pentewan.

A view to the east ...

… and the long sandy beach at Carlyon Bay can be seen.

A final view before the walk back to our car.

All very pleasant, I'm always happy walking the Cornish coastline.

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  1. I see why you enjoy your coastal walks, super views.

    1. Thanks David. Never tire of cliff and coastal walks, always something different to see. Won't be going far today though as heavy rain is forecast.
      Take care.



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