Wednesday 4 December 2019

Looking For Lucky Shells at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

Sandy beach at Carlyon Bay

There was something strange about Monday, it had actually stopped raining! A few puddles remained but we headed for the beach at Carlyon Bay.

Puddles at Carlon Bay, Cornwall

It was still very cold but who cares when there is treasure to be found - well, perhaps.

Beach at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

I had recently read a book 'Seagulls in the Attic' by Tessa Hainsworth, who has started a new life in Cornwall. She writes how she 'finds cowrie shells. I love these tiny pinkish shells, no bigger than my little fingernail. They're lucky shells, the Cornish equivalent to the Irish four-leaf clover.'

On a previous visit to Carlyon Bay my wife and I found dozens of small pink shells. So we set out to find some more. It's always useful to have a handy supply of good luck, you never know when it might come in handy!

I soon found a pink shell but little else.

Shell ay Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

The beach was quite empty, the sand smooth and untouched and virtually nothing had been washed ashore.

Untouched beach at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

But a walk on untouched sand is, by itself, good luck.

Sea and cliffs at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

We enjoyed the far end of the beach, the peace and the silence.

Cliffs and rocks at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

The rocks and cliffs have their own special beauty. The things they must have witnessed over thousands of years.

Carlyon Bay, Cornwall, close up detail of cliifs

Eventually we retraced our footsteps ...

Carlyon Bay sandy beach

… passing numerous enormous rocks piled high. They were originally to be used as a breakwater when there was talk of the beach being redeveloped with apartments and shops. But this has never come to fruition.

Rocks at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

We made our way back to our car via the puddles.

Reflections in puddle at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

I did manage to pick up a few bits and pieces along the beach though, but nothing too exciting. They will be added to my collection of bits and pieces labelled 'you never know when these might come in handy.'

Seaglass and shells found at Carlyon Bay, Cornwall

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