Sunday, 1 December 2019

The Beautiful Fowey River, Cornwall

Fowey River meandering through Cornwall

Following on from my post Beautiful Views of the Fowey Estuary, Cornwall above is a further photo of the Fowey River as it cuts through some of the lovely countryside between Lostwithiel and Lanhydrock.

The source of the river is on Bodmin Moor at Fowey Well (Fenten Fowi in Cornish) about one mile from Brown Willy, which is the highest point in Cornwall.

The following photos show the local countryside leading to Lanhydrock House.   

Green fields in Cornwall

As for the name Brown Willy, mentioned above, there was a small campaign a few years back to change the name on signs to 'Bronn Wennil', the Cornish name for the highest point on Bodmin Moor - which actually means 'hill of swallows'. This fizzled out and the name, which is described as having the giggle factor, continues to amuse visitors.

Landscape of Cornwall

Always good to see the green fields - even though they sometimes equate to lots of rain!

Countryside of Cornwall with green fields

Near to this area is Restormel Castle which played a part in the English Civil War. See my post Visiting Restormel Castle and the English Civil War.

Countryside in Cornwall


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks David, it's actually stopped raining!

  2. The green tapestries of Cornwall are very lovely, as you always prove. As for the name, I think the Cornish and it’s meaning are lovely and yes, the current name is amusing. At least it causes people to ask about the derivation perhaps!

    1. Hello Ann. There are several 'rude' signs in Cornwall but all are genuine and derived from the Cornish language. Always a talking point for visitors.



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