Saturday 7 December 2019

Step Back In Time With The Cornish Belle Steam Train

Night time at St. Austell Station, Cornwall

I snapped the above black and white photo of St.Austell station while waiting for St.Austell's Torchlight Parade to pass.  My grandson was in the parade and this seemed a good vantage point.

Looking at the photo reminded me that I also have a few black and white photos of the Cornish Belle steam train at Bodmin and Wenford station. That's the Cornish Belle below and above is the ticket office - it's like stepping back in time. 

As you can see it was a wet, rainy evening when I took the photos.

Not too many people on the train. I think the rainy weather had put people off.

But it was still First Class dining, whatever the weather.

And back at the station.

For more information on the Bodmin and Wenford steam trains please click here.


  1. You say it was "like stepping back in time" well, you certainly captured the atmosphere. The wet, rainy weather helped by creating the shiny surfaces which make these B&W pictures so attractive. You "do" b&w very well Mike, I think I know who else will enjoy the post too. 😊

  2. Hello David, many thanks. It was a rough night, weather-wise, but the food was okay.




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