Tuesday 10 December 2019

Trerice, The Elizabethan Manor House Near Newquay, Cornwall

Formal photo of Trerice House, Cornwall

Today it's a quick trip to the Tudor House, Trerice, which is now managed by the National Trust.

Trerice sits in a tranquil setting at Kestle Mill, about three miles from Newquay.

The photo above shows the front entrance including a very impressive window. 

The window is made up of 576 glass tiles some dating way back to the 16th century. Of course, over the years, some of the tiles have become broken and replaced.

15th century windows at Cornwall's Trerice House

The windows look into the Great Hall. The photo below is looking into the hall from above.

large room at Trerice House, Cornwall

The hall fire wasn't alight, unfortunately, but the room must have been very impressive in it's day.

John Arundell, a High Sherrif of Cornwall, commenced building the house in 1572. It seems he married into money.

Old fireplae at Trerice,

Wandering around the house are some interesting bits and pieces. I found the painting of the unknown Elizabethan Boy to be quite creepy for some reason! Something doesn't quite look right.

Painting of an unknown Elizabethan boy, Trerice, Cornwall

A pleasant old clock next to something more up to date.

Old clock at Trerice House, Cornwall

A look out of one of the upstairs windows. The stone walls are very thick.

Upstairs room and window at Trerice House, Cornwall

Moving on to the outside of the house with a view of the back.

Back of Trerice House, Cornwall

A couple of photos of Trerice. 

Trerice House, Cornwall from Elizabethan times.

Interesting gardens surround the house with Tudor games to play such as slapcock - an early form of badminton. 

Trerice House from Elizabethan times, Cornwall

There's an attractive old barn

Trerice House barn, Cornwall

Views across the countryside from Trerice.

Countryside and green fields at Trerice House, Cornwall

All in all a pleasant place to visit :

Kestle Mill, 

Tel: 01637 875404

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