Sunday 14 June 2020

The Old Harbour and Port at Charlestown and a Pleasant Surprise

Harbour at Charlestown, Cornwall

Charlestown had been closed from the start of the coronavirus until the beginning of June, so it was good to be able to walk around the harbour again.  

Port at Charlestown, Cornwall

There are usually a couple of tall ships in port, sometimes more.

The harbour and the tall ships are popular as film sets - including the television favourite of Poldark.

Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall

As I have no doubt said in other Charlestown posts the building of the harbour was initiated way back in 1791. The port was built to facilitate the transport of copper from nearby mines. When the mines were no longer profitable the port was used for the export of local china clay until 2010. 

Harbour Wall Charlestown, Cornwall

On this visit it was quite chilly and windy ...

Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall

… as can be seen below by the girl's hair blowing in the wind.

Girl on sea wall at Charlestown Harbour, Cornwall

There are small beaches either side of the harbour but, as can be seen by the photos, not many people felt like walking on the sand and shingle.

Beach, Charlestown, Cornwall

The photo above and below are the beach to the east of the harbour.

East Beach Charlestown Cornwall

We also wandered along the west beach and I snapped a quick photo of a rock pool.

West Beach Charlestown, Cornwall

As we started a final walk along the harbour wall we saw our son and family coming in the opposite direction - great minds think alike! A pleasant surprise to see the grandchildren - at a safe distance, of course.

All in all an enjoyable walk despite the chill in the air.

Tall Ship, Charlestown Port.

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  1. Always enjoy your harbour scenes, looks like a bright day.

    1. Thanks David, we always enjoy walking by the many old harbours, always something of interest to see.

  2. What a lovely walk, if a chilly one. Ah, and we were there in Charlestown Harbour almost exactly a year ago.

    1. Thank you, Caroline. I like Charlestown, very much like stepping back in time. Good wishes.




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