Wednesday 14 October 2020

Travelling Back In Time to the Cornwall of 2012 - 15 Photos

It has been decidedly wet and windy recently so I thought I'd do a little time travel and take us back to 2012 when the sun was shining. This was the year the Olympics were being held in London.

The Olympic flame and torch were travelling throughout Britain and there was a lot of interest here in Cornwall as the torch journeyed through St.Austell. The crowds were out, as were the police.

The policeman below was showing quite an interest in the proceedings, something seems to have caught his eye.

Some of the onlookers were dressed in their finery for this special occasion.

The wait though got a bit boring after a while ...

... so there was time to suck on an ice lolly with the union flag in hand.

There's always someone who'll try to keep a waiting crowd entertained.

Ah ha, won't be long now as the London police car has arrived - and who says that policemen can't smile!

Reminded me of that very old song:

I know a fat old policeman, he's always on our street
A fat old, jolly red-faced man, he really is a treat
He's too fine for a policeman, he's never known to frown
And everybody says he is the happiest man in town
He laughs upon his duty, he laughs upon his beat
He laughs at everybody when he's walking in the street
He never can stop laughing, he says he'd never tried
But once he did arrest a man and laughed until he died.

Then at last things were happening and a few more smiles were on display.

Another policeman all the way from London.
They were said to be trained officers from the Metropolitan Police Service - aptly known as the Torch Security Team.

At last the torch and flame arrived.

And here's a second look at the torch.

The runners and officials had their own coach.

Then the party was soon over ...

... and people slowly dispersed. 

A  lingering police van made sure we got back to 2020 safely.

Brrr! It's dull, grey and rainy back here in 2020.


  1. This looked like a lot of fun, I miss events like this but, hopefully they'll be back one day.
    Well told and photographed Mike.

    1. Sorry David, put my reply in the wrong place - see below.

  2. What a happy time for all! Thanks for the reminder that we will eventually return to these events safely! Delightful photos of people enjoying the day. Thanks, Mike, and stay safe.

    1. Hello Ann, got to keep smiling! Things aren't too good on the virus front - oh, and I believe you have an election to contend with as well!
      We could certainly all do with some happy times.
      Take care.

  3. Thanks David, it looks like 2012 now comes under the category of the 'Good Old Days'. Things don't look too good at the moment, though we are lucky in Cornwall as we have low virus figures at the present time. Anyway, take care.



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