Sunday 8 November 2020

Visiting a Newquay Beach, Cornwall One Day Before the Coronavirus Lockdown.

'Twas the day before the latest coronavirus lockdown in England. So what to do? Head for the coast and a beach while we can.

As we had to visit the church in St. Stephen in Brannel we then continued onward to the Newquay area on Cornwall's north coast. There was traffic everywhere, the road was jam packed. Other people must have had a similar idea.

I turned down a narrow road and ended up near Porth Beach.

It was a sunny, but cold day. After parking the car, we wandered along heading for the beach. On the way we passed a few chimneys. Have been fascinated by them recently, not sure why!

The tide was out so there was plenty of elbow room on the beach.

Not many people ...

... but somehow I slipped into a distant time with ladies of the day paddling in the chilly water.

The year was 1876 and the first passenger arrived at the new Railway Station in Newquay. The chairman of the railway predicted that Newquay, "would soon become the best watering place in the country".

Returning to today, Porth beach and the water looked quite tempting but way too cold for me.

At the back of the beach the road leads to Watergate Bay, often the choice for surfers.

Just to clarify Porth Beach and Watergate Bay are just two of Newquay's many beaches - this is why the town is such an attraction.

On the return walk to our car - more chimneys!

Pleasant views across the coast.

The final photo gives an idea of the length of the inlet and beach at Porth.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Wherever you are, take care.

Posts will continue during the coronavirus lockdown.


  1. Lovely pictures Mike, you live in a great part of the country. Strangely though, it's the pics of the chimney pots that I find most interesting.

    1. Thanks David. I know what you mean about the chimney pots. I've been noticing them recently and some are quite ornate, especially in the old properties.

  2. It’s so very nice to see your beautiful scenery and beaches, photographed very well. This gives me a good idea of what the area is like and no wonder it is popular. Glad you took the opportunity to get out and about if you’re now under lockdown orders. I would gladly withstand a lockdown if it helped to control this awful pandemic. As you know, the US is in a bad way, but we have renewed hope now with a new President! Take care, Mike.

    1. Hello Ann, I hope to still get to some of the quiet beaches, as we are allowed out for exercise. At times if feels like we are in some strange dystopian future.
      Take care too.



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