Wednesday 4 November 2020

Trago Mills Near Liskeard, Cornwall

There were a couple of household items we wanted so we headed off to Trago Mills which is alongside the River Fowey in Glyn Valley, near Liskeard. It's known for it's value for money.

As you will see from my photos, this isn't the standard shopping centre - take the appearance of Trago, for example, it's more like some 'olde worlde' castle.

We had a mooch along the river and around the outside building before our shopping.

An old water wheel, not turning but still interesting.

Lots of quirkiness about! Below, under the clock, you'll see a picture of Sir Winston Churchill doing his V for victory gesture. 

Trago Mills was one of the first to promote the idea of the UK leaving the European Union - Brexit in other words.

A few ducks about ...

Plus a few strange gentlemen affixed to the walls.

We found some fungi clinging to a tree alongside the river. 

Wandering by the water, beware though ...

... you never know what you might find!

Also statues dedicated to H.M. Inland Revenue!

All was well with the chickens roaming the main car park. Some were having a snooze in the chilly sun.

All of this before we actually went into the store for the items we wanted. 

Felt quite safe inside Trago Mills, regarding the coronavirus. So much so we decided to have a meal in their restaurant - which was well organised. Covid-19 rules were followed.


  1. Certainly a different sort of experience to a visit to our local Tesco or Dunhelm store. Lovely photos as usual, interesting to see Pan with his friends. I'm wondering if there are any plans to get the water wheel turning again? Even if it only turns, it would be an attraction.
    An interesting post, lots to see.

  2. Hello David. Haven't heard of any plans to get the waterwheel turning, but it certainly would be an attraction. Trago Mills certainly is different from most outlets. It's very popular as it seems to sell almost anything. I always buy any D.I.Y bits and pieces here.

    Back to lockdown today unfortunately.

    Take care.

  3. I remember reading about this interesting place to shop. It seems very unique and lovely to be surrounded by such fun sculpture. Your photos are delightful. Our weather has been so nice lately that we took a long drives with cameras in hand, but the wind was bring down the leaves faster than I could compose good shots! I need distraction from the heart pounding of the election. We will be waiting for a while I suspect.

  4. Hello Ann... and still the election counting goes on (7 Nov midday). Just seen the report on our TV. Looks like Mr. Biden should win. As an outsider I've found the election fascinating.

    Anyway, glad to hear you managed a drive out. It's grey and chilly in this part of the world so was just a walk from home for us.

  5. Myself and partner spent many a holiday down Cornwall and always visited Trago. We've been to them all but Liskeard was our fave. This is a store like no other, and a visit there was always a wonderful experience, a whole day out! We loved the different departments, the meals eaten there,the beautiful grounds, such a very special place. We are lucky now to have our own Trago store in Wales but miss the special Cornish charm.

    1. Hello Sarah, thanks for your interesting comment. By coincidence I'm going to Trago again today. All good wishes.



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