Friday 30 October 2020

Loads of Apples From a Pip Plus Some Flowers.

A while back I wrote a post Growing an Apple Tree From A Pip. We have just picked a bucket full of apples from the tree. To think I doubted my wife when she said she would grow an apple tree from a pip - mind you that was nine years ago!

Probably not the best apples in the world but my wife made a lovely apple cake the other day.

On a walk from our home, this morning, I noticed how many of the wild hydrangeas are still quite colourful. I guess years ago someone must have planted them but they are now wild and free.

This one was a bit droopy but looked in tune with the blackness of the road.

A couple more hydrangeas.

Nearby is a small river gurgling along happily to the sea.

Now back to my garden.

The recent heavy winds and rain spoilt many of our plants. Most of the dahlias came crashing down despite being supported.

 Never mind though - we've still got lots of apples!

Hopefully lots more apple cakes and apple pies to follow. 

Many thanks for visiting my blog.



  1. Now that's really impressive, harvesting apples from a free grown from seed. Hydrageas are a favourite of mine and you have some lovely ones here. My garden is almost cleared for Autumn, all I have still flowering are a few Fuschias and some very leggy Begonias. They will be gone soon.

    1. Thanks David, we have a few dahlia hanging on but they are quite wind blown now and, like you, we have a few fuchsia. Pouring again this morning, was hoping for a dry day so I could tidy up the back garden, but not to be.

      Halloween tonight, this never played a part in my childhood, everything at this time of year was preparing for Guy Fawkes and the bonfire. Times change.

  2. I remember the story of the Apple tree and it amazes me every time I think of it. You have harvested a lovely crop! Perhaps you should share a seed with your grandson so he can give it a try as well. Hydrangeas are always interesting to me and I often look for them in our travels because of the regional variations in color. Here they are only light green. Very pretty post, Mike, and enjoy the Apple goodies! Apple Walnut cake is on old family favorite here.

    1. Thanks Ann, must see if we have a recipe for an apple walnut cake, sounds tasty. Also a good idea about an apple seed for my grandson.

      Feelings are a bit down in England as we have another countrywide lockdown as from Thursday. Such a shame, but the number of virus cases has unfortunately been increasing.

      I think a slice of apple cake and a mug of tea might cheer me up!



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