Monday 26 October 2020

A Return to Mevagissey Harbour and Fishing Village - Part 2

Today's post follows on from my previous Mevagissey post. The weather was changeable but, thanks to crossing my fingers, it didn't rain.

On the last visit we went along the east side of the harbours, so today it's the western side. Starting off where the fishermen unload their catch.

There is a small stall selling fresh fish. When no one else was about my wife bought herself some mackerel fresh from the boat. (Being vegetarian I don't eat fish.)

If you read my previous Mevagissey post below is the entrance to the inner harbour.

Here we are looking east showing the jumble of cottages and houses on the far hillside.

A young gull was enjoying the view...

... as was the family perched on the rocks.

The wall dividing the inner harbour from the outer harbour.

Eventually we reach the small lighthouse built in 1896. 

The sky started to turn blue so a closer view of the lighthouse.

You can also get to the harbour by walking down the many steps from the road. It obviously needs a lot more puff if you go up the steps.

Looking from the breakwater, on which the lighthouse is situated. The blue sky didn't last for long.

I noticed this happy family looking out to sea.

Finally we have a photo of the road behind Mevagissey harbour with the Ship Inn on the right. This road will take you to Portmellon - see my post: Portmellon, Cornwall - a Sandy Cove When the Tide is Out


  1. More great pictures from Mevagissey, I bet the Mackerel tasted good. I'm a vegetarian, or to be more correct, I don't eat meat. As the son of a Grimsby fisherman I've always eaten & enjoyed fish.
    Great to see more of those boats Mike.

    1. Thanks David. I'm told that the mackerel was indeed very tasty! Plus some has been frozen.
      I never get bored of harbours as there is always something interesting to see.

  2. What a beautiful and colorful post, Mike! This is an area I would love to explore. Exploring here is a thing of the past since we are staying home and avoiding fall crowds!

    1. Hello Ann, thank you. We now have a trip out every week, regardless of the weather. There are people about but we are very careful and have our masks with us. It has certainly been a frustrating year - and I see you have an election to contend with as well!

  3. So glad you are getting out and about! We had snow yesterday, but we will take a drive and enjoy seeing it on the fall foliage. Not too thrilled that winter is here this soon however! In your wildest dreams you couldn’t imagine the challenges of the election here. I only hope we have a better outcome than 4 years ago!

    1. Must be lovely to see the first fall of snow, something we rarely see in Cornwall. Hope you enjoyed your drive.
      We get quite a lot of information on the US election, I see there has been many postal votes already. Hope you get the result you want.
      Best wishes.



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