Thursday 22 October 2020

A Return to Mevagissey Harbour and Fishing Village

'Twas a dull day, (7 Oct 20) rain was threatened but we wanted a walk so, after much debate, we agreed on Mevagissey and off we went - in a car of course. We hadn't been to the harbour and village since early March, thanks to the coronavirus.

We walked along the east side of the harbour. The tide was high so lots of boats bobbing about on this smaller, inner harbour. Quite a few people about. Mevagissey is always a tourist attraction.

I said there were lots of boats and here are a few, mostly the smaller variety.

As per usual we wandered along looking at the cottages and the aforementioned boats.

Passing the Harbour Office means we move from the inner to the outer harbour. Not so many boats here.

A side on view of the Harbour Office and the wall that separates the two harbours.

From here you can see the Mevagissey lighthouse - there was a small boat entering the harbour.

The photo below shows the harbour wall and a few people walking - and, no doubt, snapping photos.

From the wall the surrounding cliffs and coastline can be seen.

The next photo shows the outer harbour, not that many boats moored.

Looking across to the far side of the harbour, from where you can reach the small lighthouse.

Finally for today, a few cottages which overlook the harbour.

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  1. For someone like me, who enjoys boats, Mevagissey is a wonderful place. It may have been a dull day but the colours of the boats brightens everything up.

  2. Hello David, I like Mavagissey and so does my wife as she is able to buy fresh fish straight off the boats. Always something of interest no matter how many times we have visited the harbour.



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