Friday 29 January 2021

A Winter Walk Along the Beach at Carlyon Bay

I needed a walk by the sea, so we headed along to Carlyon Bay. Not a favourite beach but it is one with a lot of elbow room. This is important in these strange times of the coronavirus.

We drove to the beach car park and, unfortunately, a few other other people had also decided to sample the delights of Carlyon Bay. Okay, perhaps saying delights is a bit over the top, as there are far better beaches.

If you should visit this beach watch out in the car park (free in the winter) as there are some nasty potholes, especially near the entrance.

From the car park we strolled down the steepish hill and alongside the crumbly cliffs.

We walked the full length of the beach. At the far end it's possible to climb up the cliffs to reach the coastal footpath.

I always like looking at rocks and cliffs seeing the patterns and any creatures hiding away.

Looking back across the beach, all was a little hazy, but can look lovely on a Spring day.

On our return walk, looking inland, there were a few trees.

Ah yes, we then arrived where the beach isn't quite as good as it should be. Back in 2003 it was planned that Carlyon Bay would have a multi million development with housing, shops, restaurants and so on. 

Unfortunately there were planning problems. To quote the developers. "The scheme was commenced in 2003 and was partially built out, before being halted by planning difficulties. After a Public Inquiry, a new scheme was designed for which consent was granted in 2011".

But this hasn't come to fruition, very little appears to have happened. This means that much of Carlyon Bay doesn't look as good as it should. Sad to see.

It's still quite pleasant though, to walk along the beach while looking out to sea.

We returned to the car park full of fresh air, despite some of my comments.

The beach can get busy in the summer season, see my post Carlyon Bay, Cornwall in the Sunshine.

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  1. Lovely beach but odd to see the cliff crumbling down towards the sea.
    We had our vaccinations last week, the end may be in sight but I still can't see it. 😯

  2. Hello David, we mostly walk from home now, the car hardly gets used. I miss the regular walks by the sea or along the coastal path.
    We have had our vaccinations too, this seems to be our only hope at the present time.
    Take care.

  3. Hello Mike, many people I know have been getting vaccinations this week in Cornwall, which is great news. Glad you could get a good walk in. I ventured out in the rain this morning, full waterproofs on, just to the lcoal shop to pick up papers and supplies for neighbours. It is only a short walk, but that blast of air does make a difference! Take care, Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu. We walked from home this morning and got drenched! But any walk is uplifting. Good to hear that you are helping your neighbours, what a difference it can make at this difficult time.
      Keep smiling.



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