Friday 14 August 2020

Carlyon Bay, Cornwall in the Sunshine


I don't know what I was thinking! We only wanted a quick walk as we had other things to do. I suggested walking along the beach at Carlyon Bay.

We headed for the car park and there was a queue. It's normally free and empty out of season. Today though everyone seemed to want to head for the beach. 
As I had turned into the slip road to the car park I couldn't do an about turn as cars were following me. 

So, after paying £3, we had our walk. The first stretch of the Carlyon Bay beach had lots of people but, as most visitors don't like to walk, the far end of the beach was virtually empty.
Just the occasional person taking a selfie.
And the odd adventurous family who wanted a quiet life.
One thing I did notice was how much seaweed and other bits had been washed ashore.
We walked to the very end of the beach. There were a couple of boarders paddling and that was all.
We wandered back along the beach, following a young couple dressed more appropriately than we were.
Then, of course, there were more and more people enjoying the sea and the sand.
We did our best to avoid the crowds. The coronavirus hasn't disappeared completely.
It was a very hot day so can understand why many had headed for the beach.
As we made our way back to the car park all looked peaceful. I wouldn't have minded a swim!
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  1. Thank you, Mike, for a virtual visit to the seaside... and I'm glad you found a quieter section of the beach once you had walked a little way.

    1. Thanks Caroline, the far end of the beach was empty - and safe! It was an okay walk and we managed to keep well away from other people. I just couldn't believe the number of people - when we returned to our car the car park was full.
      All good wishes.

  2. Great beach in a lovely area of the country. Why people risk having to quarantine when returning from abroad I don't know when we have all this. Super pictures as usual Mike.

    1. Hello David. It's crazy on some of the beaches and as for the litter etc. left behind it's a disgrace. I don't understand people. Sad to see. The problem is that Cornwall's economy need the tourists.
      Anyway, at least we have had lots of sunshine - though some rain during the night. Trust all is well, take care.

  3. Thank you for the lovely walk on the beach. I long for the time when a beach is a possibility for us again. People are behaving so recklessly here that no place feels safe except at home. Sad times indeed, but I’m grateful that we are all wise and well. Enjoy the new week ahead.

  4. Thanks Ann. We have stayed away from the busy beaches. Cornwall has been full with tourists, as many are choosing to holiday in England rather than attempting to go abroad.
    We have also had some wonderful sunshine (though it's raining today!)
    Hope your week goes well.




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