Monday 17 August 2020

A Touch of Bude on Cornwall's North Coast

A few photos of Bude today starting, above, with a view of the coastline and below the pathway to Chapel Rock. It is often said that there was once a hermitage on the top of the rock - but this could well just be a legend.

Alongside the path are a few lobster pots.

A cottage by the beach. What a lovely position, though may not be so idyllic when a storm is raging. 

Looking across the sand dunes at brightly coloured houses and B & B  establishments.

A view of the beach across from Chapel Rock. 

Bude has a canal dating back to 1825, but it is no longer used for carrying goods.

The workings of the lock gates are to be seen ...

... in several places.

The canal is looking good, even if there are a few rain clouds about.

There is a pleasant walk along the canal's tow path.

After the dull canal moments a look at the beach again, while the tide is going out.

Oh, and I'll end with this fellow who was very camera shy. He just wouldn't move or turn round.

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  1. The coloured houses look nice, similar to some in Scotland or even Iceland. I've been fascinated with canals for years but didn't realise there were any in Cornwall. Another varied blog post.

  2. Hello David, thanks. There are a few fish in the canal, though I don't know what they are. There are usually fishermen along the tow path.

  3. Ah, lovely to see a part of the world I have known all my life, Mike, as my relations lived close by in Widemouth Bay.

    1. Thank you Caroline. Widemouth Bay has a great beach for surfers. Cornwall is lucky in having two coasts, south and north, with varying character.
      Good wishes.

  4. I had to look at a map to see the location of Bude. It looks as if the architectural style is a bit different than that of other area you visit. Is there a coastal road that goes entirely around Cornwall as well as roads that cross directly from Fowey to Bude for example?
    Delightful post as usual!

  5. Thanks Ann. There isn't a coastal road that goes around Cornwall. There are various main roads but often, to get to the coast itself, there can be some tricky narrow roads - some very narrow, Makes life interesting though.

    Cornwall's north coast, on the Atlantic, has a different character to the south coast on the English Channel.

    1. Thank you, Mike. Always an interesting ride or walk wherever you go it seems! Take care.

  6. Thanks so much for the photos. The canal, the beach, those colorful houses. I look at them and regard them. I will come soon I hope. My dream is to live Bude.



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