Sunday 12 May 2019

A Wonderful Display of Rocks, Cliffs, Pebbles and Sand at Northcott Mouth, Cornwall

Rock Pools at Northcott Mouth, North Cornwall

Northcott Mouth, on Cornwall's north coast, is described as a rocky beach with expansive sand and rock pools as the tide drops. What fascinated me though were the wonderful rocks - the colours, the shapes and so on. 

We'd never been to Northcott Mouth previously and spent an age just looking at the cliffs, rock pools and rocks generally. It was lovely as we were the only people on the beach. The dullness of the day must have put people off walking. 

I'll let the photos tell there own story.

Cliff rock formation at Northcott Mouth, Cornwall

Rock formations at Northcott Mouth near Bude, Cornwall

Attractive rocks at Northcott Mouth, Cornwall

Close up of rock strata at Northcott Mouth, Cornwall

Rock Pools at Northcott Mouth, Cornwall

Showing rock formation of cliffs at Northcott Mouth, Cornwall

Large pebbles at Northcott Mouth, near Bude, Cornwall

Lots of sand on the beach at Northcott Mouth, Cornwall when the tide is out

Coast Path signs at Northcott Mouth Cornwall


  1. Fantastic rock formations and you’ve captured an amazing variety of color as well. There must be a lot of iron in some of those from the looks of it. You chose a wonderful place to visit!

    1. Thanks Ann. Rocks always fascinate me, love the colours, the shapes and texture. There were lots of interesting rock pools too.



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