Friday 10 May 2019

Miles of Beach at Widemouth Bay, Cornwall for Surfers and Holiday Makers

Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

We were visiting the north coast of Cornwall and had arranged a weeks stay in a small cottage in the village of Poughill. We left home quite early and took the coast route so we could stop several times on the way. 

One of our stops was at Widemouth Bay, which is about three or four miles from the town of Bude. As can be seen by the photo above, the weather looked non too clever, but we managed a blustery walk along the cliffs.

After a while the weather took pity on us and the sky changed to blue.

Widemouth Bay, Bude, Cornwall

The air gradually became warmer. It was then easier to see why this two mile long beach is so popular, in the summer months, with holiday makers, surfers and beachcombers.
Looking across Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

Widemouth Bay is on the Atlantic coast and can get the full blast of the westerly winds - but this is good for surfing. The RNLI lifeguards have a station on the beach - just in case of any problems.

Surfing at Widemouth Bay, Cornwall

There are surfing schools on the beach for the inexperienced. 

We had hoped to return to Widemouth Bay, during our break, but found many other walks and interesting places, so never got round to making another visit.

Surf at Widemouth Bay, Bude, Cornwall


  1. I like blue skies and these beach views are great.

    1. Thanks David, everything seems better when the sky is blue! Best wishes.

  2. As always, a beautiful and interesting area! From looking at my map, you have ventured a bit further from home this time. Do you travel coastal roads all the way or cross the land on higher ground? We have spent many slow hours traveling only coastal roads in the US and often giving up and going inland to avoid heavy crowds and beach peepers😊

  3. Hello Ann. We had a week away as we wanted to visit some of the north Cornwall coast, we don't get to very often, and also to travel into north Devon. We stayed in a small cottage, at Poughill near Bude as our base. It was a dull week weather-wise but we walked quite a few miles, some lovely coastline. Our son also booked us in for a traditional English/Devon tea at a 17th century manor house, which was a pleasant surprise.

    The roads weren't too busy so we went along the coast where possible. Hope you enjoyed your drive, despite the traffic. Haven't heard that expression "beach peepers" before!

    1. Hi Mike. Sounds as if you had a lovely time. Beach peepers are what I call drivers who slow down to look at the water. I guess it’s only my expression unlike Leaf Peepers, a well known New England expression for those enjoying the colorful fall foliage. Enjoy your weekend.

    2. Thanks Ann, nice to learn a new expression :-) Have a great weekend too, we have a promise of sunshine and blue sky today.

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