Friday 26 March 2021

Looking Down on Mevagissey Harbour From On High

I wasn't intending to visit Mevagissey again as I had recently published a previous post: A Perfect Chilly Winter's Day in Mevagissey, Cornwall - 12 Photos.

I was actually heading for The Lost Gardens of Heligan but got their open days wrong. They are only open, at the moment, Wednesdays to Sundays for us locals with passes. So I made my way to Mevagissey instead, which is near by.

As I wanted some different photos to my previous post I took the high road to look down on the harbour. 

The first three photos show views from different positions - as does the next picture which is also of the coastline. It was another beautiful, but cold, winter's day.

The small lighthouse came into view. There were many steps to go down to reach it, quite a trek.

Looking across the sea to the other side of the outer harbour.

From here some of the the cliff top houses can be seen.

I climbed the steps again and below is the entrance to Mevagissey's inner harbour.

A few of the harbour side cottages.

A pile of pots and floats after descending the many steps again

And alongside the inner harbour with many fishing and other boats - all tucked up safely.

A final photo I took while up high.

Hopefully I'll get to the Lost Gardens of Heligan another day soon. 

All good wishes ~ Mike


  1. Lovely photos Mike.
    You inspired me to post a walk this week.
    My favourite harbour is a very small one in Cemaes Bay, Anglesey.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hello, thank you. Love your post, what an interesting walk - who knows, might get that way one day when/if life gets back to normality. I can't wait to travel again.
      Enjoy your weekend too.

  2. Hello Mike, lovely to see Mevagissey again. What a beautiful, bright day! I will check out your Heligan posts, as I love it there. Take care, Lulu xXx

  3. Hello Lulu, thanks, it was certainly a special day with the sea and sky so blue. We managed to get to Heligan again and my post for this is scheduled for 30th of March. Have a good weekend.

  4. Lovely views, good to see such bright weather and colours. We need colours. Pics No. 8 & 10 really caught my eye. ☺

    1. Thanks David, it was such a lovely day, chilly but good to be in the fresh air - plus my wife bought herself some fresh haddock from the boats.

  5. Beautiful photographs, Mike, and oh for some of your Cornish sunshine! In a fit of enthusiasm, we reconstructed our garden table, but it has been too chilly since to sit out, and today it has been very blustery, too. I'm not sure I have ever been to Mevagissey, which is a real shame. It looks so picturesque. I have spent most of my time in Cornwall on the Lizard and round Penwith, though am familiar with most of the coast from Portscatho round in a clockwise direction to the Devon border.

    1. Hello Caroline, it was a perfect day in Mevagissey as the sky was so blue. We have just uncovered our garden table as well, though the weather hasn't been good enough to sit outside since we did this. Looking forward to our son and family visiting as the lockdown eases.
      good wishes.



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