Friday 16 July 2021

A Visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall

Was nearby, so looked in at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. All seemed pretty much at usual. The next couple of photos are from the Sundial Garden.

I always like old brickwork, somehow it reminds me of childhood - yes, I have a good memory!

I've left the flowers behind but I always like to see the animals at Heligan. The sheep were indoors as it was haircut time, they seemed happy enough.

The goats are Golden Guernseys.

Flowers growing wild, always something special about seeing poppies, even if there is only one in the photo.

A mixture of plants.

I came across this old tree. At first I thought it looked as if a horse was looking out at the world, but then I thought there were a couple of small white owls peeking out - just a touch of pareidolia I presume.

A group of tall Echiums, often seen in Cornwall. They will look lovely when in flower. I believe they originally came from the Canary Islands.

And, just in case you need a helping hand there's one at Heligan.

This  art work 'In Nature’s Hands' is by Jasmine Fassenfelt and Rebecca Knight.  The work was put in place on the 12th June 2021, to coincide with the G7 Summit, which took place in Carbis Bay, Cornwall.

Of course I have just touched on a small part of the Lost Gardens of Heligan. There are over 200 acres to explore if you have the energy to do so. Following are a few of the flower gardens with an abundance of flowers. 

There are usually lots of dahlia, but it's a little early for them at the moment. Just the one lonely flower.

The dahlia below is from my own garden, the fist one to bloom - as yet - lots of buds though.

Back to Heligan a cosmos on its own.

There are also fruit and vegetables at Heligan, the photo is part of an archway of apples.

Nearly forgot the next photo, large poppies.

Finally a photo I created on my computer. Hope you have a happy week ahead and thanks for visiting by blog ~ Mike.


  1. I always enjoy your trips to Heligan, beautiful photo's Mike. The"horse & Owls" is fascinating and the general views of the various gardens are great. We have a hall and gardens we visit which I always enjoy but Heligan is in a different class. Thanks for sharing Mike. And I haven't forgotten, your photo collage at the end is very enjoyable, well done 😀

  2. Hello David, when in doubt we either go to Heligan or Eden, as we have year round local's passes. There's always something to see and, of course, the flowers and plants come and go so usually something different to see.
    Freedom on the 19th, but we will be careful and have out masks with us etc.
    Take care, good wishes.

  3. Heligan is one of my favourite gardens Mike... just beautiful. Glad the woolly sheep are having a good shearing in this super hot weather. Nice oil castor plant in the big pot. Congrats on the first dahlia, and what a lovely pom pom one it is too. Lulu x

  4. Thanks Lulu and for your expertise on the name of the plant in the big pot! A few more dahlias are now in flower, every year they make a lovely display. Enjoy the sunshine!



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