Friday 23 July 2021

Attractive Beaches, views and walks near Goran Haven

We wandered around the Goran Haven area which lies on the Cornwall's section of the South West Coast Path - and stretches over 300 miles.

The path in the Goran Haven area has lovely views plus a few wild flowers to enjoy.

The next photo shows the Goran Haven car park, as seen from the coast path. This is where we parked. It cost us, and everyone else, £5 for the privilege - enough said! 

We also looked down on Goran Haven beach, which has an old stone harbour wall from the days of pilchard fishing in the 19th century.

In the photo below the harbour wall can be seen along with people enjoying the sea and the sunshine.

We found somewhere suitable on the wall to sit and enjoy our packed lunch - along with a cup of tea, of course.

A view from the beach looking out to sea.

On the opposite side of the cove, from the harbour wall, local houses can be seen. You can probably also make out the church tower.

Another view of the houses, some with lovely sea views.

A final view from the stone harbour wall. We are off walking again.

The next beach, just along from Goran Haven, is Little Perhaver, as below.

The snag about Little Perhaver is that there are lots of steps down to reach the sand - thus not many people on the beach.

This house on the cliffs at Little Perhaver has an uninterrupted sea view. No doubt a bit breezy, though, in the winter months.

Oh, and further along from Little Perhaver Beach is Great Perhaver Beach. I didn't take any photos but you can see four photos on my post: The Attractive Perhaver Beach Near Gorran Haven.

Now into Gorran Haven village and a look at the the old Customs House. The sign above the door is a Geological Society of Cornwall plaque stating that Charles W. Peach, the renowned Naturalist and fossil collector, lived here from 1834 to 1845.

It is said that Peach was visited here by Charles Darwin and Alfred Lord Tennyson and they would have boat trips along the coast to Mevagissey.

A final view of the sea. I should have also mentioned Vault Beach, often known as Bow Beach which is just west of Goran Haven - see my blog post: The Lesser Known Vault Beach.  

That's all for now, thanks for visiting my blog - all good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. You and nature provided very well on this delightful tour! Lots of beautiful colors. I know you are happy to be out and about during these beautiful summer days, but I know care must still be taken to remain well and safe. Same here! Thank you for the lovely escape.

  2. Hello Ann, thanks, we alwayas do our best to take care when out and about. In England now all restrictions have been lifted but we still carry our masks with us and keep away from crowds. It has recently been exceptionally hot and sunny here. Hope you ara managing to have your walks. Stay safe. Good wishes.

  3. Oh, beautiful coastal path and beaches Mike! That house on the cliffs is a little too close to the edge for my liking, but I wouldn't turn it down. These carparks do like to rake it in during the summer months don't they! Hope you have a great week. Lulu x

  4. Thanks Lulu, I like Goran Haven itself, when our children were small we often visited the harbour as the water seemed safe and quite shallow. As for car parks, the cost is annoying but there is often no alternative in the smaller towns and villages. Hope you have agood week too.

  5. What beautiful photos, Mike. I've just followed you here from Twitter where I am also @vallypee. I love Cornwall, so you can expect me to visit you here now and then. I grew up in west Dorset, but then lived in South Africa for a long time and now I live in the Netherlands. A piece of my heart is still in the West Country, though.

    1. Hello, have just found you on Twitter and have now followed you.
      I also lived in Dorset for a few years before moving to Cornwall. As for the Netherlands I have only been there the once - a long time ago! It was on a school exchange and I stayed with a girl in Rotterdam.

    2. What backgrounds we share, Mike, albeit it in different proportions. Rotterdam has been my home city for the past twenty years, although being a barge girl, I have also moved around a bit. Thanks for following me back on Twitter.

  6. Mes compliments pour de telles vues sur la nature près de chez vous, Mike. La marche à pied est toujours bonne pour la santé. Le vent doit souffler près des eaux.
    Bon plaisir de se retrouver, Mike !

    1. Bonjour David, merci pour vos gentils mots. Tous mes vœux ~ Mike

  7. Wow, these photos are awesome, Mike! You live in a lovely spot. Is the water cold??

    1. Thanks Trish and Rob, As for the water it all depends on the time of the year - okay at the moment. The colour of the sea changes from a beautiful blue to a dull brown depending on the time of year and the weather. Good wishes.




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