Friday 30 July 2021

Flowers in Cornwall Plus a Church and a Harbour

I'm by no means an expert gardener, but I do enjoy flowers even if I don't necessarily  know their names. The flowers don't seem to be upset by my lack of knowledge. Maybe it's because I chat to them as I tend their needs.

Above is a geranium at the front of my house and below a dahlia from the back garden.

Just realised I have lots of pink colours in the garden. This wasn't planned  but just developed over the years. I seem to have captured a finger in the next photo along with the dahlia.

A fuchsia below. I lifted the flower giving him/her a helping hand as I clicked the photo.

Yes, more pink. Looks like I was on night patrol.

We have lots of passion flowers or Passiflora this year. You probably know the story - it is  said to be symbolic of Jesus on the cross. The flower has spikes protruding from the center symbolising the crown of thorn and the flower has ten petals for the ten faithful apostles.

Hydrangea: we have several bushes - and one of them is, of course, a shade of pink!

A fuchsia plus a mixture of other bits and pieces including the remains of an old tree.

Not sure what the flower below is. I should really know the name as it comes back faithfully every year.

A couple more flower photos.

We took some flowers to the church at St. Stephen-in-Brannel to place on a grave. Always a sad visit.

We then moved on to Charlestown to clear our heads. Made us smile to see the hat on a traffic cone looking at the postbox in the cottage wall

Roses over the door of another cottage.

A pleasant day weatherwise so people about taking photos.

The entrance to Charlestown Harbour with a sailing ship in the distance.

The next day the weather changed  so this dahlia got a bit battered with wind and rain.

Next doors' trailing plant is still tumbling over the fence and is very welcome.

A petunia - pinkish, of course.

Actually the rain didn't effect the dahlia too much.

Finally, this is a whopper of a dahlia. Last year it grew to well over five feet tall.

Thanks for visiting my blog, all good wishes ~ Mike.


  1. A wonderful series of flower pictures Mike, you have a wider range than I do. The Tall Ship viewed from Charlestown was impressive. Very enjoyable post. 😀

    1. Hello David, thank you. The flowers took quite a battering from the weather and several dahlia were damaged. hopefully the worst is now over. Lots of people and cars in Cornwall at the moment, especially at the well known spots. Have a good weekend.

  2. Lovely flowers. I have fuchsia, dahlias and hydrangea in my garden. I grew soome calendula and sweet peas from seed this year which I am very proud of.
    I didn't know the story behind the Passionflower - thank you.
    Have a lovely weekend,

    1. Thanks Jane. I've never tried to grow sweet peas, must give them a try next year, always such attractive colours. Well done to you!
      Enjoy your weekend too, hopefully the weather will be okay. Good wishes ~ Mike.

  3. Beautiful blooms, Mike. I've never been to Charlestown, but it looks delightful.

    1. Hello, thank you. I like Charlestown, so often visit the harbour. There are also two, small beaches as well, though full of stones.
      Rnjoy your days.

  4. Beautiful dahlias Mike! Especially that last one. The mystery perennial plant with white star / bell like flowers could possibly be a type of Campanula (?) I haven't heard the Passiflora story so thank you for that, and for the lovely garden tour too. Lulu x

  5. Hello Lulu, afraid some of the dahlias got damaged in the the heavy winds and rain. Thanks for the Campanula name. All good wishes.




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