Friday 10 September 2021

A Taster of Cornwall's Eden Project - 27 Photos

Here we are at Cornwall's Eden Project. The first view visitors see are the biomes, as above. There must be thousands of people who have a similar photo.

We usually visit the Wild Cornwall walk first as there are some nice views of the Biomes and beyond.

There are also some other interesting bits and pieces like the memorial leaves fixed to rocks.

A newish addition is the Labyrinth as below, which seemed to interest several children. There could, however, be more to this than expected.

The photo below is something I snapped a photo of, in the Rocky Valley on Cornwall's north coast. There are actually two such rock face carvings - and are said to be from the Bronze Age about 1800 t0 1400BC.

Moving on, I guess Eve has seen many things come and go in her lifetime.

We are now in the Mediterranean Biome for the next four photos.

Also in the Mediterranean Biome was a robin who seemed to follow me about.

There he was again looking at me - robins are one of my favourite birds, so very friendly.

Two more photos from within the Mediterranean Biome.

Now we have moved to the Rainforest Biome for the next three photos.

Watch out for the orangutan, okay he's not real but orangutans are often called the gardeners of the forest.

The sculptor, James Wild, has used scrap metal as his artistic medium.

A small stream within the biome.

Also a West Africa Crop Shop.

Three more photos from the Rainforest Biome.

On high is a rope bridge, quite wobbly but fun.

This is the source of the water within the biome, a waterfall.

That's all for today. Hope you have an interesting weekend and week ahead ~ Mike.


  1. There are always so many interesting things to see in your photos of the Eden Project and I always enjoy the visits you provide. I’ve often thought it would be fascinating to see the area from above for it must be a magnificent tapestry of plantings. So glad that you spotted the delightful robin as well! Have a great weekend as well, Mike.

    1. Hello Ann, thank you. We always enjoy our trips to the Eden Project and it looks like they are expanding into other countries as well.
      There is always something of interest as the seasons change.

      Hope you are able to get out and about - there are no Covid regulations here in England, though Cornwall has a high rate of the virus - mainly because of the many visitors - which is helpful for the local economy.
      All good wishes.

  2. The Eden Project has such diverse areas, super pictures as always Mike. My favourite? The Robin of course.

    1. Hello, David. I have tried repeatedly to comment on your recent blog posts, but the button for “publish” fades out and I get an error message from Blogger. I know this is not the place to solve it, but I did want you to know about the difficulty. Hopefully there is a solution!

    2. Hi Ann, thank you for letting me know via Mike's Blog. I don't know why you're having this problem, or how I can fix it, Mike is able to comment on my blog, which is how he brought your problem to my attention. I've also been able to leave a comment on my latest post.
      I'm sure you are fully aware that you can only post a comment using a Gmail mail account, but wondered if you might have been using a different one?
      Please try again as I miss your comments. David.

  3. Thank you David. The robin is my favourite too, always like to see them, especially in our garden.

  4. Wonderful photos, Mike, as ever! I love those vibrant colours, particularly as our own summer flowers are beginning to fade. Oh to be in Cornwall and at Eden. One year we were there, I'm guessing about this time, and were given a special discount pass for future visits because we helped plant some tulip bulbs!

    1. Hello Caroline. Most of our flowers are passed their best now. As for Eden we are lucky as we have a locals pass so can pop in whenever we want. Interesting to see the seasons. All good wishes.

  5. Hello Mike, I always enjoy your Eden Project posts. I think I could quite happily live in the Mediterranean Dome. Interesting that Labyrinths are meant to clear the mind... they absolutely terrify me! Especially high hedged mazes :0 The scrap metal orangutan is a handsome beast. Spotting the Giant Elephant Ears (Colocasia gigantea) has reminded me that I've been meaning to get hold of some bulbs for next spring, so thanks for that! Lulu x

    1. Hello Lulu. We often say the same about living in a warm biome, it would be grea,t especially if situated in a large field. I guess a sea view would be good too! We all must have our dreams. Good wishes.




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