Friday 3 September 2021

Going Bananas in Cornwall, Plus a Harbour and Lots of Heligan Flowers

Going bananas in Cornwall, well not quite but my son has bananas growing in his garden, as can be seen in the photo above.

Another view of his plant.

Actually, the plant looks to be quite a cool dude.

Here's a better photo of the plant - they often look quite scruffy following high winds or heavy rainfall.

Moving on to one of our regular walks in Charlestown. A dog was waiting patiently by one of the cottage gates.

Looking down on some of the ships and boats in dock. This area has a gate to retain the water and there is also a leat to keep it topped up.

Looking west from the Charlestown harbour wall.

As the tide was out it was possible to walk further along the cliffside - carefully!

Looking east at the harbour entrance.  Visiting boats will have to wait for the tide to change.

Moving on now to  the Lost Gardens of Heligan, another of our regular haunts.

Lots of flowers on display as can be seen by the next six photos.

We walked past the Potting Shed but not much potting was going on.

Lots of apples though.

This is the sundial which gives this garden its name - the Sundial Garden.

There is much more to see at the Lost Gardens of Heligan, it stretches over 200 acres. From the gardens its possible to see the sea in the distance.

Below some fungi spotted on an old tree and ...

... shhh! finally the Mud Maid sleeps peacefully.

Thanks for visiting my blog - have an interesting weekend and week ahead ~ Mike.


  1. Banana plant leaves amaze me, they're like sails. Love the dog ans all the flowers. 😀

    1. Thanks David. My son likes big plants, he also has a couple of gunnera.

  2. You had a beautiful day for a walk and found lots of bold colors! Beautiful post, Mike. So nice to see on a rainy day here. I had no idea that bananas would thrive there, and that plant is amazing!

    1. Hello Ann, it was a lovely day for a walk and we have had a good period of sunshine. It's unusual to see fruit on the banana plant. It has never happened previously - must be another sign of global warming!

  3. Hello Mike, your son's banana plant is amazing! It reminds me of Seymour from little shop of horrors in those shades. I wouldn't get too close if I were you :0 That dog is a bit of a dude too. I would quite like one at my garden gate.

    Love your colourful Heligan pictures, with the Heleniums, Rudbeckia and Cosmos. What a very fine potting shed that is. I'm going to quietly creep off now to make a coffee, being careful not to wake the mud maid..... Lulu x

    1. Thanks Lulu, He was a beautiful dog and must have been waiting for someone as he didn't move at all. I remember when we had a wonderful border collie, he knew when I was coming home from work even though I arrived at different times.
      Thanks for the names of the Heligan flowers.
      Just had a mug of tea!




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